Nevada Gun Sales Impeded By Incompetent Background Check System

Democrat Governors across the country saw an opportunity in this unprecedented crisis and lunged at the chance to enact their progressive agendas to strip honest citizens of our constitutional rights.

In Nevada, Governor Sisolak went above and beyond many other Democrat governors, when it came to stripping his constituents of their freedom.

First he closed small businesses while conveniently allowing large chain stores and construction on the stadium to continue. Then he restricted life saving medication to coronavirus patients even after the FDA approved it.

Now Governor Sisolak has restricted Nevadan’s 2nd amendment rights, by making background checks so extremely difficult that he’s effectively stifled gun sales altogether.

While many previous non-gun owners saw this crisis as a reason to run out and buy a gun for the first time, they immediately discovered it’s not quite as simple as the biased leftist news sources make it out to be.

Decorated veteran LVMPD officer Prokopios “Ike” Ziros has been trying endlessly to get through to the background check office in Nevada to make what should be simple firearm transfers. Every time he called he was met with a busy signal, hung up, and tried again….over and over.

How difficult was it, you ask?

That’s right….1,426 unanswered calls…and that was just in a single day. He actually spent several hours a day, for 3 days in a row to before finally getting through…only to be met with employees that were completely incompetent and unwilling to help him.

This isn’t just “annoying” for gun owners and retailers either, it’s wholly unconstitutional especially during an emergency crisis. Every single background check brings in $25 for the state for what in theory should be a minute of work. If it’s a matter of not “having enough employees” than the answer is simple….hire more. Nevadans are out of work and the position more than pays for itself with what it brings in with fees.

Just imagine how much money could have been raised during this economic crisis to help Americans if the powers that be actually cared about doing their jobs instead of harassing and hindering honest citizens from practicing their 2nd amendment right. Not only is this inadequate system losing money for the state, it also encourages citizens to do the wrong thing since the right thing has become so frustratingly drawn out and complicated.

Democrats need to stop harping about needing more background checks and start focusing on fixing the system we already have.

Molon Labe.

Twitter/Instagram: @iheartMindy


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