Nevada Attorney General Candidate Aaron D. Ford is a Complete Scumbag

As a patriot and fervent believer in the 2nd amendment, I was sent a story a couple of years back about Senate Bill 254. It was a bill that would allow criminals (or their surviving family members if you killed them) to civilly sue a home owner for defending themselves inside their own homes.

Sounds fucking unbelievable, I know….but of course Democrats were trying to push it through to protect their constituents or something.

The lead proponent for this law, was state senate minority leader at the time and now attorney general candidate Aaron D. Ford.

I’m actually a Nevada resident and this law would effect me…and this turd burglar is actually my district representative, because of course.

So why did he want to pass this law so bad? Well, I asked him via Twitter and his response was basically “What if an innocent person broke into your house….” I said something to the like of “Get the fuck out of here.” See below…

Anyway, the followers on my page trolled the ever living Christ out of him, and he ended up blocking me…but he did eventually pull the bill because he claimed the wording was confusing. Whatever.

If you’re wondering why this guy has such a hard on for protecting criminals….it’s because he is one. He was arrested 4 times in the 90’s….including burglary for stealing tires.

He also had 3 liens placed on him by the IRS for not paying taxes to the tune of over $185,000.

He also gave himself a raise and voted for the largest tax hike in the state’s history.

Oh, and he trespassed into the house of his now ex-girlfriend….so yea, that’s why he’s so against citizens defending themselves in their homes.

Now that election time is coming around, I’m keeping my promise that I will do whatever I can to make sure this garbage human being doesn’t get re-elected. Vote for Wes Duncan instead, he’s a Republican and a military vet. Oh, and someone tell Aaron Ford I said “fuck you” since he’s blocked me on everything.


  1. I love that he can’t pay his own taxes,but has no problem raising them for everyone that does. This guy is a loser.

  2. I’ve been following @iheartmindy for a few months now. I didn’t know you were a Nevada resident (NLV here) and reported on Local Politics. Guess I’ll subscribe to the AF, as well. Love your work (movies, as well), keep it up.

    Thanks for ID’n his former employers .. Let’s us research them and determine if we should add them to an ‘Enemy of the People’ list

    Desert Storm Vet, Small Biz, Economist

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