Migrant “Children” Are Committing Gang Rapes In Europe

Four men are in custody after a savage attack on a Polish couple on Rimini beach in Italy. Reports indicate the man was beaten unconscious, and the woman was repeatedly raped by the 4 men. Passers-by called the police after finding the couple bloodied and dazed. Both victims were hospitalized with injuries.

The four suspects were identified by testimony from the suspects and CCTV footage. Two of the suspects were reportedly identified by their father, who recognized them from the shared footage.

One of the suspects, a Congolese national, 20-year-old Guerlin Butungu, arrived in Italy as an asylum-seeker, and was permitted to stay on humanitarian grounds. Then he apparently decided to take up gang rape as a pastime. The other suspects include a 16-year-old Nigerian, and two Moroccan brothers (15 and 17).

“But Justa, why does it matter where they are from?”

Great question! Here are some answers: One, maybe it’s evidence that not all cultures are equal. Two, maybe it’s evidence that not all asylum-seekers, refugees, immigrants, and illegal immigrants are mother’s angels who bring strength through diversity; these four suspects don’t sound like neurosurgeons, biochemists, engineers, and future Nobel Laureates, do they? Three, imagine what would happen if it was four Europeans who decided to gang-rape an African couple.

“But Justa, why does it matter what their ages are?”

Well, three of them were minors. The oldest, at 20, is reported to have arrived in Italy in 2015, making him a minor when he arrived. Keep that in mind when you hear Left-holes mewling about women and children. “Children” as young as 15 are not above beating, robbing, and gang-raping adults. “Children” from rape-is-part-of-their-culture “not-shitholes” grow up to be adults… who are not above enriching their new country with their old country’s “diversity”.

But wait, there’s more!

The four suspects are also alleged to have beaten and raped a _ _ _ _ _gender Peruvian prostitute just an hour after attacking the Polish couple. An hour. I’m not making this up, check the links.

Imagine how depraved a person would have to be to finish a robbing, beating, and gang-raping, and then think, “Eh bien, c’était un bon début. Que devons-nous faire maintenant?”

Imagine how it might have been different if either or both of the victims had been armed.

What do I know? I’m Justa Gaibroh.