Meet the POS Thug Memphis is Rioting Over

Meet Brandon Webber, the POS criminal that the city of Memphis is protesting over, because his dumb ghetto thug ass pulled a gun out on some cops, and got himself killed.

Classy fella, I know. It gets better.

Pretty much every single picture is of him flashing drug money, smoking weed, or brandishing a weapon. (And don’t tell me it’s not drug money, because something tells me you don’t pick up that much straight cash working at anything legitimate.) Smart people that get paid in cash hide it….because there’s this thing called “taxes” and shit.

Keep in mind, that he was being served in the first place by US Marshalls, because he was wanted for shooting a man 5 times and stealing his car.

This girl says it best right here….

Far cry from the innocent father of two that the media and all his friends presented….

Yea, I don’t think he made a “positive impact” to the guy he robbed and shot, just saying.

Look, I’m not saying that all cops are perfect and egregious abuses of power and and bad shootings don’t occur….but why the fuck aren’t those instances the ones that the media decides to highlight?

Why pick a POS like this to jump up on a soap box about it? Oh that’s right….because creating division in our country is what the Leftist narrative is all about. It’s the cops fault this punk ass kid died, and not you know….his own shitty choices and actions or anything.

You see, Democrats don’t want people to succeed. Successful people that worked for it (not poofy, spoiled actors) tend to be conservatives. Soon as you see those taxes coming out of your check, you start questioning where they go.

Democrats want you to stay ignorant, uneducated, and live on a pitiful, meager existence of welfare so you never rise above whatever stature you were born into. Don’t get a job, or marry the father of your child or you won’t get this welfare check. Just remember to keep voting blue because the “evil” rich republicans want to take it from you.

The Left’s narrative is bullshit, don’t fall for it. And certainly don’t fall for “it’s the cops fault some thug got killed” either. If you look at the stats, it’s not even close to being the problem.

And for the record, I actually had a POS criminal cousin that subsequently died from being a POS. I can’t remember if the cops shot him, he crashed his car, or if he overdosed, because I honestly never really cared enough to remember. I wasn’t happy he died, but he totally brought it on himself. Let’s keep it real, the world’s probably a better place without him. You won’t catch me crying on the evening news about it, or lying about what a great person he was.

Personal responsibility, it’s a crazy concept…you should try it.


  1. Was he being arrested for treason, counterfeiting or piracy? If not then the use of Federal cops was unconstitutional.

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