Meet the POS Selling Murdered Cop T-Shirts on Facebook

Policing is a critically important, yet dangerous and often thankless profession; as a late cop friend used to say, “you can love the job, but the job won’t love you back.” It takes a rare breed to step up and answer that call, and last Sunday afternoon one of those heroes made the ultimate sacrifice: Officer Michael Langsdorf, executed by gunshot to the back of the head, while struggling with a thief in a small neighborhood store.

AP photo- Ofc. Langsdorf in 2003 after rescuing a child from a housefire.

To add insult to injury Officer Langsdorf’s last moments were broadcast on Facebook Live, and the surveillance footage from the store has even made its way onto Youtube. That would be bad enough, but then a ghetto “entrepreneur” decided to try and profit from this tragedy.

Meet Damon llejs Smith, the principal behind FreshOutEnt apparel:

Damon decided to double down on these sentiments and commemorate Officer Langsdorf’s death with a t-shirt, which he’ll gladly send you after you paypal him 28 bucks:

Look it’s completely possible to have legitimate objections to individual bad officers (and even valid criticisms regarding certain aspects of policing in general) but ultimately this officer died while protecting the black community from a criminal that tried to prey on a local business, and toxic elements of the black community responded by celebrating and monetizing his sacrifice.

Judging by his social media Damon Smith is an excon and openly associates with other felons, so it’s pretty obvious why he has a chip on his shoulder towards law enforcement. Ultimately Damon hates cops because they prevent criminals like him from victimizing his own community, which just further illustrates the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the so-called Black Lives Matter movement: blacks killed by cops (including both justifiable and the incredibly rare unjustified) barely amount to a rounding error compared to blacks murdered by fellow blacks, yet this regular fratricidal occurrence never seems to provoke massive demonstrations the way incidents involving law enforcement do.

Ultimately, openly celebrating the death of a cop murdered while protecting the black community only exposes the craven mindset and sociopathic “fuck all cops” attitude of the predator class plaguing too many marginalized communities.

I hope the family of the officer sues the oblivion out of this POS thug.

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