Meet the Most Pro-2A Candidate Running for Congress 2020

To say congressional candidate Mindy Robinson is pro-2A would be an understatement.

For years Robinson has been an activist for gun rights. As an actress, she’s appeared in several pro-veteran, gun friendly films including Range 15, Check Point, and American Warfighter.

While she might not appear as the typical congressional candidate on the outside, Robinson actually has an educational background in political science and American history, as well as being a vocal online political commentator for years. After moving to southern Nevada years ago to avoid the insanity of California liberal law, her desire to run for office came out of watching Nevada turn blue despite having a very solid Republican base.

With a combined platform of over half a million followers, Robinson is known for not holding punches when it comes to supporting and defending the 2nd amendment.

Mindy Robinson has been quoted as saying “Guns made this country what it is…independent, strong, and not a slave to its own government. To watch our constitutional rights continually being chiseled away by socialists searching for ways to both disarm us and control us is a day I never thought I would see in my lifetime.”

Southern Nevadan gun stores have shown support for this qualified unconventional but extremely motivated and patriotic candidate.

Robinson is against universal background checks, believing the background checks we currently have in Nevada are already stringent and efficient enough. She also believes in a universal conceal carry, that would allow an individual whose already jumped through all the hoops to legally carry and to legally carry into all 50 states.

She’s quoted as saying “You shouldn’t need a new driver’s license every time you cross state lines…so you shouldn’t need a new CCW every time you travel out of state either.”

If you’d like to support her campaign to defend and protect our constitutional freedom, please visit:

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