Media Runs Fake News Story Smearing Alex Jones

Whatever your thoughts are on Alex Jones, he was one of the few people willing to give me a platform when I was reporting pedophiles on Twitter, and Twitter wasn’t doing anything about them. (Twitter was actually protecting them and giving them a place to meet, but that’s another story.)

For the record, I don’t know why he thought Sandy Hook was ever a hoax, nor do I believe it was. But believing in conspiracy theories shouldn’t give the press a greenlight to smear someone for something this ugly.

Nevertheless, this is the story the Left ran with all day….

Wait…The Washington Times got 1 single retweet about a story they ran for an entire day? Haha? , but I digress….

That’s awful if true…..except it’s not. And unfortunately the headline is all idiots read these days, so it’s a problem.

What actually happened was someone maliciously sent it to Infowars, and when Alex released over 50k emails as evidence for the case has with the Sandy Hook parents….it included a dozen unopened emails with malware imbedded child porn in it that were subsequently opened by whatever third party the lawyers hired to look through them.

I want you to think about this for a second….mainstream media ran a gigantic, disgusting smear campaign against a conservative for “spreading” child porn…. for what really amounts to a bunch unopened emails that were maliciously sent by an angry third party.

I hope the day comes when I’m not personally responsible for for all the Nigerian scams, porn viruses, and God knows what in my spam folder….

Cause I never check that shit, obviously.

Nevertheless, the Left saw no problem jumping on a fake story to get likes and clicks.

Fake News outlets were quickly put on notice, but the damage they wanted done, was already done…retractions rarely get the attention the initial fake news slurs do so the damage is done.

It sure didn’t stop leftist blue check “celebrities” from perpetuating the lie and blowing up Twitter with outrage over an article that they clearly never read or looked into at all.

Oh…and somewhere along the line, people started claiming it was sent directly to the parents personally by Alex Jones…not something the lawyers accidentally found….because fuck actually looking into something before you say it to the world.

“The CT Post?” The hell is that? Yea, if you’ve never heard of a site before it’s not a good sign, just saying.

Apparently we’re all personally responsible for the things strangers email us that we don’t even open now. Fuck the Left, honestly.

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