Massive Protest in Hong Kong Over China Extradition

One of the largest and most peaceful protest that I’ve ever seen in my entire life, is happening right now in Hong Kong…and for good reason.

In case you forgot, Hong Kong was an autonomous British colony only up till very recently, 1997 in fact. Now they are considered a “Chinese special administrative region” or whatever that means.

They have long since become accustomed to enjoying the personal and artistic freedoms that Communist China does not. That is up until the China Expedition Law….which is exactly what this protest is all about.

You see, China wants to be able to extradite Hong Kong citizens to China to persecute them for all the average thought crimes that come with your typical suppressive communist regime. China already imprisons anyone they pretty much want, at any time they want.

They notoriously lock up peaceful religious prisoners en masse…Buddhist monks, Falun Gong members, Christians, and other political prisoners and……and then harvest their organs.

Yes, you read that right, they harvest their organs while they’re still alive to fund their state sanctioned organ transplant tourism trade. I am not kidding, and this is a known fact.

Ah “prisoners of conscious.” You see, one thought it was bad if they were just taking organs out of convicted murderers and rapists like they had originally pitched, but they’re literally pulling them out of people who just “disagree” with the government. The world knows about it, but China is a powerhouse and no one wants to tell them otherwise. They also dump a catastrophic amount of plastic into our oceans, cost the world billions by refusing to abide by copyright law, and were also recently caught releasing ozone destroying chemicals that supposed to have a worldwide ban on them.

What’s crazy is that people who specifically go to China with money for an organ transplant, will often have a match ready for them in just days…sometimes even “planned ahead.” That means that they don’t murder the prisoner until that person gets there. They also often even have “spare” organs ready on demand as well, in case the first one gets rejected.

So yes, that complete horror show is one of the many reasons the good people of Hong Kong are standing up against this extradition order that their own government is trying to push on them…even though popular opinion is against it.

So please share this story, the Left wants you to think communism is some kind of glorious utopia… but there’s a reason no one is ever knocking down the door to get IN to a communist country…only out of them.

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