Leftists Plan to Reserve All of Trump Rally Tickets

Another day in Facebookland another scheme to “take down Trump”.

Currently, making the rounds in a News Feed near you, is an attempt to reserve ALL tickets to the Trump Rally on March 28th in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the Van Alden Arena, of which roughly seats 11,000 people. The post has been shared over 7,000 times.

I know what you’re thinking, “Genius!” right? Finally, the Left has found the proverbial silver bullet to smite our Man-Wolf of a President, but, alas…this is more in the vein of that one guy who shot himself in the penis. 

During the 2016 Election, the Great Lakes State was made up of 40% Democrats, 31% Republicans, and 29% Independents. Which puts the Democrats at a disadvantage, given recent Gallup poll data basically showing that the Left today has left a bad taste in Independents’ mouths. (See Examples, Facebook Shadowbans, CNN Defends “Death to America” Chants, Left is Growing More Anti-Semitic, and Racism Toward Conservative Minorities)

Apparently, these lovely Lesbian Dance Theory majors aren’t aware how waiting lists work.

If you’re in the mood for a giggle, scroll on down and feast your eyes…

Not even Jimmy Fallon could get it off.

Sure showed him, Montana/Fantasia!

Bishh?? Please!

So genius! So. MUCH. GENIUS!

Mmm…more like wishful thinking. Try, try, try again.

Lets? Ppl? Azz? Who paid for this person’s education?

Is she racially appropriating that emoticon?


…because THAT’S a thing!

Chump? Do people still say chump outside of Rocky movies?

For those actually wanting to attend the rally, click here for info.

Democrats playing dirty isn’t anything new, unfortunately, see Mindy’s Interview with ReaganBabe discussing Voter Fraud.


  1. You’re such an idiot. Trump is going to lose. You’re not even paying attention. Typical stupid cuntservative.

  2. Hey Harry Henderson it’s called The Bradley Affect. Go look it up as that’s why he won in 2016 & his popularity is even higher now after you morons and your TDS Hissyfits over the last 2+ years. Here’s a fact his numbers in Black Community have more than doubled since his election! You Leftists are screwed!

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