Leftists Imaginarily Outraged Over “Cuphead” Cartoon

In “What new dumb fucking thing the Left thinks is racist” this week we give you….a video game about a guy with a cup for a head, or something.

No, really.

In a piece where Ian Miles Cheong tries to point out why it’s definitely NOT racist….


…it’s explained that the Left’s problem with the cartoon is that it’s based off of 1830’s style animation.

That’s right. There’s no racism anywhere in the content, but the left finds it “problematic” that it’s styled from a time when racism actually existed in the ways the Left only thinks is going on now.

So we can’t even watch a period piece or a western now because it’s mere existence is “racist” because of the related time period? So no Gone With the Wind or Peaky Blinders?

Just get the fuck out of here already. Seriously. Get some help, get a hobby, find Jesus, eat a snickers….do fucking something else than try to find racism in the most mundane and dumbest of shit already.

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