Joe Biden’s Twitter is Inundated With Fake Bot Followers and Paid Likes

I’m a raging right wing conservative, not going to lie. But after watching Hillary rob Bernie of the nomination last time around….I almost feel bad for the moderates and classic liberals trapped by the crooked popularity contest that’s always going on in the DNC.

Case in point, Joe Biden.

You mean to tell me that the same people who were outraged over a figurative locker room comment Trump made about getting pussy…have ZERO problem with the hair sniffing, unapologetic, underage creepy touchiness…of Creepy Uncle Joe Biden?


For how “woke” the Dems try to always be, the fact their current party forerunner is an old, sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen, old white man says a lot.

The man has literally accomplished nothing as a politician ever, anywhere that I can find. I also doubt that everyone who made the mistake of voting for Obama the first time around, would want to see any of those divisive, no good for America policies ever again.

So what gives?

I honestly think it comes down to all the other possible candidates being much worse. Most of them have run their own cities and states into the ground. Kamala Harris probably had a chance, until it was revealed she’d slept her way through politics and lost the feminist vote. Biden’s lack off doing anything (other than being creepy) is sadly their best bet at this point.

So how do you make a manila-envelope-personality of a guy seem “hip and cool” to liberal millennials, woke commies, and easily influenced leftists?

You buy likes and followers on Twitter, apparently!

It’s true. Here’s the video.

Terrence Daniels spent time going through Joe Biden’s Twitter…and found thousands of paid bot accounts. THOUSANDS.

Feel free to stroll through it yourself, I did. Most bots were too lazy to ever tweet or even post a picture. But Biden’s likes and follows were full of them.

Who’s on Twitter for 9 years and never tweets? Mythical Joe Biden fans apparently.

I’ve been accused by these same lefties nonstop since the election for being a “Russian bot.” Despite the years worth of content I’ve posted, on top of my verified status on all major platforms.

So if “Russian bots” were truly integral and responsible for swinging the 2016 election and therefore should be deleted and dealt with…..then why the fuck doesn’t the Left care about faceless, literal bot accounts that someone is clearly paying for to boost a political candidates social media?

Oh yea, because it’s ok when they do it.

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