Instagram Deletes Popular Conservative Account Without Reason

Joel Patrick is an online conservative with over 230,000 followers who often makes pro-Trump related posts. That was until he woke up to find out that his Instagram was permanently deleted without reason or notice.

His comment to me: “I woke up and my buddy asked me if I blocked him…so I went to log in and I was logged into my truck’s account…which was strange and when I tried to toggle back to my main account there was nothing there. I searched for the username and even tried relogging in and it just kept giving me an error message…I never received any notifications or emails with any form of explanation whatsoever.”

This was the very last post he made.

It’s an explanation of the true meaning behind “Uncle Tom” which is heavily misused by loving and tolerant liberals when referring to black Trump supporters. Is this really what Instagram deemed so “offensive” that it would permanently delete someone’s account?

The unfair bias toward conservatives online is unreal at this point.

Joel Patrick also recently came out with pro-Trump R & B type country song called “That’s Me.”

It’s actually pretty catchy too you can hear it…here.

It’s about being a Trump supporter and not caring about the haters, so obviously it hits home for a lot of Americans.

There’s just one problem….it’s been hit with an “explicit lyric” warning for absolutely no reason.

There’s no F-bombs, no “N” word, no talking about big booty hoes home from the club….but apparently a positive song about being a Trump supporter is “offensive” to the powers that be. Which is interesting because it means they either find conservatives offensive…or assumed any rap sounding song would automatically include cuss words. Hmmmm ? Sounds pretty racist and discriminatory either way.

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