Instagram Allows “Proud” Pedophiles On It’s Platform

It wasn’t that long ago that Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) talked about banning people just for using the OK sign.

Why? Because there was a 4chan prank years ago that convinced leftist idiots that it really meant “white power” and now conservatives go out of their way to use it…just to remind leftists how stupid they were for believing it in the first place.

But I digress…you know what is allowed on Instagram though?


Meet Kage Jackson, a self proclaimed bisexual nudist and pedo.

The “YBL” in his profile stands for “young boy love” and he’s VERY proud of being a pedo.

Hell, he even got a pedo tattoo…

That “symbol” is a pride symbol for pedophiles, if you didn’t already know.

And just in case you thought maybe he only accidentally got it, or didn’t know what is was…check out the hashtags he posted among with it…

He literally says here’s “my new YBL tatoo.” Not to mention the accompanying hashtags of “gay pedo” and “boy lover.”

And what’s even more fucked up is that 38 other people on Instagram “liked” this post.

What kind of person would like a “pedo” post, you say?

Your typical social media degenerates like this….

And this…

Or this guy that only wears satin….like that’s normal.

Oh….and even more terrifying is this children’s book author….

I mean….

All men want to sleep with you? Fucking yikes someone call the FBI already.

Or this mom that only post pictures of her two year old.

Ain’t that some terrifying shit?

What’s worse is it’s not even this guy’s only pedo tattoo…

And what happens if you try to report the account like this lady did?

Absolutely nothing.

But since this pervert is also dumb enough to post this pedo trash from his personal and very public profile…..people can now also be aware to look out for him.

Someone knows this guy, and someone needs to report him to the authorities so his hard drive can be checked.

I always wondered who lurked around nudist beaches, and now I know.


Yup, he’s a pedo. Now let’s talk about that verified blue check children’s author that liked a pro-pedophilia post and everyone else on that list. ??