Ilhan Omar’s Brother In Question Might Be Openly Gay

It’s been looking like Ilhan Omar married her brother in an immigration scam for quite some time. It also seems the reason why the university she attended has been unhelpful is because she’s also tangled up in student fraud as well….and man wait till you see the proof lined up against her.

As reported by the patron saint of online censorship herself, Laura Loomer dug big into the Omar scandal. Why does Ilhan’s brother share the same family name as her father, which is a Somali tradition? Why is her brother (I’m just going to call him that) commenting about her children being his nieces in a now deleted Instagram post? Why would her strict Muslim family be “OK” with this weird arrangement of legally being married to one man while simultaneously having children out of legal wedlock with another? Why doesn’t Ilhan’s timeline of her life events match up with anything she’s said?

For starters there’s a pretty good chance that her brother is gay. He likes to frequent drag and gay clubs and wear some pretty tragic hot pants while doing it.

Wow, you’d almost think it were Ilham staring back at you on the left in that picture. Yea, they don’t look alike at all. ?

“Bruce Jenner shorts are the new black! Call me Caitlyn?” He wrote that? Oh ok. ??

If I were a betting man, I know what glitter tasseled pony I’d be putting my money on, just saying.

This is really only important for one reason. The hell was he doing being married to a woman at all?

I have a theory.

I think this might explain why her strict Muslim family didn’t consider the marriage incest (an act punishable by…well, without looking I’ll just guess it’s probably death.) Aside from the immigration and college benefits they illegally gained, it also gave her brother a cover story for totally not being gay, which (and I know this answer for sure) is also punishable by death under Shariah Law.

It’s a win/win situation….for them anyway. Of course there’s just too much paperwork to hide, and too many past lies to cover up….and now it’s all right here.

Check out Laura Loomer’s in-depth breakdown of all Ilhan Omar’s lies and improprieties, and ask yourself….what more do we need to prove that 3 people who already all look eerily related, are related.

An absolute must read:

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