If you want to know who wields real privilege, name the identity group you cannot safely criticize.


A friend of mine, who is a M _ _ _ _ _, reached out to me privately earlier today to say how paralyzed he felt seeing the flood of terrorist articles on his social media. This is a good M _ _ _ _ _, as far as I know. Here we are, now, having to say “as far as I know” about our good M _ _ _ _ _ friends, because the truth is that probably plenty of M _ _ _ _ _s are good friends unless you’re the one or two or fifteen non-M _ _ _ _ _ people they crossed a line with, whether or not they realize they crossed a line. I haven’t been personally raped, enslaved, or murdered by this M _ _ _ _ _, I guess is the only thing I can really say. This is terrible for him and it’s also terrible for me. Everything is terrible.

Anyway. I replied to him that I’m glad he’s having these realizations, but that he should be talking about these feelings to other M _ _ _ _ _s, not looking for affirmation or absolution or support from non-M _ _ _ _ _s, who are dealing with their own shit when it comes to M _ _ _ _ _s and their feelings about sexual harassment and assault. He’s a good M _ _ _ _ _, so he didn’t respond by telling me that if I was going to be that way I’d just lost an ally, or whatever; he actually heard what I was saying and (I think) internalized it and realized the irony of asking a non-M _ _ _ _ _ to emotionally support him as he processed all the burdens he and his cohort have asked non-M _ _ _ _ _ people to bear.

Then I felt kind of bad. He was looking for things to do. Maybe he needed the weight of a non-M _ _ _ _ _ pointing those things out to him — maybe you do, too. So, I am sharing this list. It is neither comprehensive nor without flaws. But if you’re a M _ _ _ _ _  unsure of what you can do right now to support non-M _ _ _ _ _s, instant changes you can make this very second in your daily life that will make life better for non-M _ _ _ _ _ people (and, bonus, for M _ _ _ _ _s too!), here you go:

  1. Make yourself believe trans women are women, and trans men are men (sex it up to prove your wokeness).
  2. Lobby for taxpayer subsidized goods and services exclusively for non-M _ _ _ _ _s.
  3. Demand your workplace provide resources and facilities for exclusively for non-M _ _ _ _ _s.
  4. Prioritize non-M _ _ _ _ _s’ issues when you vote.
  5. When you are in a group of M _ _ _ _ _s, demand to know why there are no non-M _ _ _ _ _s present (this should make you really popular on your Hajj when you bring your Jewish, Christian, Wiccan, and atheist friends to Mecca).
  6. Seek out non-M _ _ _ _ _ people to be your heroes and mentors (I’m sure there’s nothing in the K_ran against that).
  7. Talk less. In all spaces. At all times. At a lower volume.
  8. Deprogram your beliefs that your desire matters in determining a non-M _ _ _ _ _’s worth.
  9. Pay for ethically produced porn that’s made by women, queer people, and people of color.
  10. Befriend children, but not like M_hammad and Aisha, or bacha bazi… yet.

There are infinitely more things you can do. This is just a start. Pick a few that seem easy — and at least one that seems hard — and start doing them today. You can start the rest tomorrow.

Leftists readers, if this article seems grotesquely bigoted to you, click on the following link and stare misandry in the face.


What do I know? I’m Justa Gaibroh.




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