How the Left Mobilizes to Remove Conservatives Off Facebook

By now we are all well aware that conservatives are unfairly targeted, harassed, and censored online. That’s been proven time and time again, and the research is out there for anyone to see.

Many prominent vocal conservatives have already been permanently banned without recourse (Roger Stone, Milo, etc) for absolutely no other reason than the Left considered their opinions “dangerous.”

So we know that there’s a bias when it comes to conservatives losing their Facebooks more than liberals…but how exactly does the Left do it?

Let me give you a good example.

Meet Ben Bergquam.

He’s probably known best as the guy who got beat up by tolerant liberals…while holding a sign about liberal intolerance.

Now he’s being severely targeted by leftists on an epic level. In one day, he had dozens of reported posts that endangered his entire account into being unpublished.

Yea, that’s normal, amirite?

His page was being maliciously mass reported because he “dared” to be a Trump supporter that travels to various political events to engage in debate and dialogue.

And what specific event are these “loving and tolerant libs so upset about?

Little background on this guy who apparently has a joint account like a cuck….he’s a little crazy.

Aside from posting the same crazy Linked In site 10,000 times on his timeline with such wonderful sane gems like this….

He’s also made one very demonstrably false accusation…

“White Supremacists?”

Nice manipulated choice of photo there, but the man in the picture he’s talking to is no other than prominent MAGA support Will Johnson.

And something tells me he’s not a “white supremacist.”

But don’t let that stop you from riling up a bunch of idiot leftists that can’t be bothered to research anything before pretending to be “outraged” over it.

The lies only escalated from there and got worse…

Ah there it is, rallying the liberal troops to mass report an account over information that is clearly fabricated.

They’re dumb enough to admit it publicly online on too, in posts I guess they just thought conservatives would never find or see…

In case you’re not an eagle here’s a close up.

He slandered him, reported him, rallied others to do the same…and then virtue signaled what an amazing person he is over it.

And continued the campaign by escalating the lie on Twitter as well….

Notice how the handle matches his made up stupid job as a political sculptor, whatever the hell that is?

It’s the same douche.


And sadly, he’s not even the biggest piece of shit in that group either.

She’s an America-loving patriot that immigrated here the correct and legal way…so naturally her mere existence upsets the narrative of the Left which apparently “allows” them to say vile, racist comments about her. How “loving and tolerance.”

But wait, there’s more…

What…the…fuck? Kill them?

That’s an actual credible threat to violence, and a hate crime to boot.

I blocked out his kid’s picture because I’m a fair and decent human being…but this guy made a pretty violent threat that should definitely be looked into. I just don’t understand why these idiots say and do these things from their publicly posted personal accounts.

It’s like libs never realize that the internet works both ways. ??‍♀️

What sucks the most is that Facebook and Twitter are already stacked up against conservatives getting unfairly dismantled and banned and as of this moment…there’s nothing we can do about it. We are politically set up for failure.

You see, Facebook is programmed to auto block certain key words and phrases so that certain (almost always right wing narratives) will be flagged and automatically removed if it’s reported…and the Left reports EVERYTHING. The more cronies they have reporting the same posts..than the bigger chance a conservative loses their account and everything attached to it.

So I hope you’ve got your family pictures backed up y’all, because these hateful turds don’t care what happens to you or your family memories. Everyone’s a Nazi….even though they’re the only ones acting like them.

Of course there are certain things that SHOULD be auto-banned…like murder, porn, child and animal abuse, sexual assault…basically anything a kid shouldn’t be looking at.

But there are also tons of things that because of Mark Zuckerberg’s liberal narrative he’s gone out of the way and taken liberty to restrict.

As many of us had already learned since the election and crack down…there are some very surprising things that are suspiciously right leaning and taboo on the platform…and it’s all definitely biased toward conservatives when it comes to getting kicked off of Facebook.

For instance, you are not allowed to say anything negative about Muslims or Islam…even if you specify that you are talking about a current, bonafide Islamic attack. I’ve been hit with that violation myself.

You are not allowed to criticize Antifa, I was also hit with a ban for that.

You are also not allowed to mention that illegal aliens are illegal…even though they are criminals the minute they “illegally” cross the border. It’s actually one of the things that Ben (who is married to a LEGAL immigrant) was hit for several times during this…

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with these posts, but they went against TOS because he dared to call criminals, criminals.

That makes sense.

You also can’t make the “OK” sign…even though it’s literally a currently available emoji on Facebook. ??

Who hasn’t made an “OK” sign in their life? The idea it was even racist was a 4chan prank played on liberals that refuse to believe otherwise no matter how many times it was debunked.

And how malicious are these liberal mass reporters? Some of these reported posts went back years! Wrap your mind around that level of time consuming, dedicated hatred.

The Left will continue to suppress conservative opinions until something is finally done about it. Social media was how we identified, debunked, and called out the fake news mainstream media during the election…the Left will not make that mistake again. The censorship will get worse before it gets better.

In a statement from Ben Burgquam himself:

My name is Ben Bergquam and I am the founder and host of “Frontline America with Ben Bergquam.” On Sept 21st, my team and I, along with Will Johnson of, went to Chicago because it is the epicenter for many of the organizations that are undermining America from within. There is a contingent of society on the left whose objective is to undermine our Constitution and replace it with their socialist-communist utopian vision which has and always will fail. Pueblo Sin Fronteras and La Familia Latina Unida (ran by Emma Lozano and Elvira Arellano, an illegal alien herself who is given a stay of deportation by a leftist activist judge) are using their 501(c)(3) to undermine American sovereignty. They portray themselves as community organizations, but in reality, by training illegal aliens in Central America and Mexico and helping organize the illegal caravans to break into America, and by protecting criminal illegals from deportation with sanctuary policies, they are actually hurting the very communities they claim to be protecting.

Rather than dealing with the issue, the organizers, Emma Lázaro and Elvira Arellano automatically turned to the same tired racist argument. The kind of lies that the left continues to use because they have no other arguments. Ironically they left Will Johnson, of, a black conservative who was there with me out of the story? He doesn’t fit their narrative and neither does the fact that I’m married to a former refuge immigrant from Laos who became an American citizen the right way. By-the-way, the only racist thing I heard yesterday was Emma’s daughter Tanya calling Will a “sell out“ for standing against them. The left judges by skin color, we do not, we judge by the content of character.

Every American should be concerned with the drugs, crime, and violence that these organizations are inviting into our country with their sanctuary policies that embolden the cartels and threaten the lives of American citizens and legal immigrants. We have not, do not and would not call for violence against them, or any of the many other organizations that are working to undermine American sovereignty, but what we do call for is an investigation into their activities in America, Mexico and Central America and prosecutions for any crimes that they have committed against this country.

We support legal immigration but oppose illegal immigration. We need to stop the bleeding at our southern border. This is a national crisis. Organizations that aid and abet the illegal invasion of our country should be prosecuted. Sanctuary cities, and the organizations and people behind them should be prosecuted. It’s time to restore the rule of law. That’s why we support President Trump, because unlike the Democrats, President Trump is actually upholding his oath to put American citizens and the Constitution first.

Following our visit to uncover the truth about the church and the organizers of these open borders groups we have been slandered and targeted for harassment and threatened by those within the church, and their comrades. The so-called pastors of the church, Walter Coleman and Emma Lozano, posted a statement lying about us and our visit and dog whistled their followers to attack us. On the thread one of their supporters bragged about being successful in having our content removed and invited others to dox not just our Frontline America page but also us personally. Beyond that there also death threats in the thread. This is unfortunately what we’ve come to expect from the so called “tolerant” left.

In the past week we’ve had 20 of our Facebook posts – some going back to years – removed from our page mostly for so called “hate speech.” The two main justifications for the removal of the posts (some of which have been reversed) are the inclusion of the A-OK symbol and the term “illegal alien.” Ironically that very symbol ?? is still included as one of Facebook‘s emoji’s. I’m guessing because Facebook rightfully recognizes it as a ubiquitous hand gesture. How can Facebook ban a symbol that they allow people to use? And how can they ban a term, “illegal alien,” which is the federally recognized term used to describe somebody who has entered into our country without authorization? Frontline America with Ben Bergquam is a “News Page” and our objective is to be as accurate as possible, which requires that we use accurate language and terminologies. The question I have for Facebook is whether they’re going to continue to allow slander, targeted harassment, and bullying by leftist organizations who’s apparent sole purpose is to attack and shut down individuals and pages they disagree with.

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