How the Left Created It’s Own Brand of Racism

Tim Scott is the Republican senator for South Carolina and was a huge proponent in getting the new tax bill passed. Earlier in the week in a now-deleted tweet, a Huff Post blogger took a cheap (and racist) shot at the senator implying that he was only there as a black “prop….”

Tim Scott quickly shot back and owned the guy, pointing out not only how inherently racist that comment was, but it addressed a glaring problem with the Left…this idea of “justified racism” …that racism is “ok” as long as it’s directed at the enemy (AKA a conservative.) It’s much like how Antifa justifies fighting perceived fascism by actually being fascist.

For instance, 3 days after Tim Scott debunked why he was there and speaking about the bill, the divisive vitriol that is Occupy Democrats posted a short clip of the senator supposedly getting snubbed for a handshake (as you can tell from the pic posted above he did get one, the timing of the clip was knowingly and purposefully misleading)

….but it didn’t matter that it wasn’t true. The blindingly racist hate from self proclaimed liberals and democrats flooded the comment section of the post. I screen shot the worst of it…and before you get on me for “doxxing” these people, remember they’re the ones that posted this on a public open forum for all too see and it’s legally fair game.

Yea…”Trump’s” racism….says guy who called him a token.

689 Occupy Democrat followers just liked the comment calling him a “coon….” explain to me why that’s “ok?”

The fact that got 88 likes says a lot about Occupy Democrat followers…

Did a white guy just call him a race traitor? That makes even less sense…

There were a few good voices of reason in the comments….which restored my faith in humanity….but I know pointing out the hypocrisy often falls on deaf ears. I also think I was the only one “liking” the positive comments….

Look, I know there are racist right wingers out there too….but they’re not hiding it or pretending it’s anything else and if they’re vocal about it they’ll get publicly shamed and ostracized…we’ve all seen people lose business or their jobs over it in the past.

I find this whole thing blindingly hypocritical because it’s done under the false guise of being “tolerant” and somehow morally superior than everyone else…..and worst of all, because it’s generally accepted and goes completely unpunished. Did that blogger lose his job at that liberal rag? No, and he’s not going to.

I’m starting to think that these people know that they’re being hypocrites…they just don’t care as long as their liberal friends pat their back fair it, while the media ignores it.

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