How “Not” To Get Someone To Promote Your Event

You know, I like to think I do a lot for my fellow patriots. I’ve helped them push projects, tweets, products, events, pages…I’ve written articles to help promote them or get their pages back if they were unfairly banned. But this is the first time I’ve ever had this happen…

Meet this douche, who goes by “Tommy G” or Gunn or Hodges.

This is his public FB page

His claim to fame is running the MOAR or Mother of All Rallies…which is anything but. It garnered only about 150 people the first year, and I’m not sure it faired better any other. Not because Trump supporters aren’t motivated, but the guy running it sucks at life.

Let me explain how “not” to ask someone you barely know to promote your event.

Step 1: Whatever you do don’t precede with a Happy Holidays or Happy New Year or anything, just go right into asking the favor.

Step 2: Don’t invite me to the thing, just declare that you would like me to use my platform for your sole benefit. Because that’s not weird or anything.

I clicked it…

It’s not till June 6 (it’s January 3.) So I respond…not with a “No” but that it’s a little too early right now to be effective, and that I haven’t even promoted my own projects that are coming up way sooner than that.

Step 3: Immediately lose your god damn mind.

I reiterate and give him a chance to calm down.

Step 4: Dont back down, and end it with something petty and shitty like just “do you.”

Now I’m both irritated and done.

Step 5: Lose your fucking mind in a rant that almost seems like you’re drunk.

End it by going directly into a threat.

Step 6: Continue ranting by saying you followed through on the threat.

Honestly, he could have posted the screenshots, I wouldn’t have cared because I always stand by what I say and I don’t think I did anything wrong.

But that’s not what he did.

Instead he maliciously posted my phone number on Facebook and I started getting all kinds of texts from strangers.

I redacted it…he didn’t.

That’s right, that maniac doxxed me because I wouldn’t immediately share his event that I wasn’t even invited to.

Apparently there’s no button on FB to report doxxing that I could find and everything else takes forever, so my only other outlet was to share the post on my page of almost 200k patriots knowing they’d mass report it and it was indeed down in a few minutes.

Yes, I trusted the followers on my page to do the right thing seeing my phone number and they did just that. You guys rock. Thank you. ??

But there’s a lesson here.

If you’re another conservative commentator then you can see what’s up with this guy. I wouldn’t give him your info. I wouldn’t trust him to do the right thing when it comes to doing anything. He even reposted my number multiple times all over my wall from what I guess is his other account and name…because that’s the kind of stand up guy he is.

“Accident” my fucking ass.

By the way, you guys popped off some good ones on his post before it got taken down. ??

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