How Cash Retweeting Giveaway Scams Work on Twitter

Anthony Mattera is the face behind yet another Bill Pulte-like philanthropy scam on Twitter.

Actually, he’s more like a less well-funded version of him, as his “cash prizes” usually hover around $5.

The gist of his grift is that he gets people to donate to his “charity” but then recycles that cash into building his brand and his online presence by then giving it away for retweets and follows instead. People are basically helping to build his brand for him at no cost to him. Nice “charity” bro.

According to his own website, all the money he collects goes to vetted and “legitimate” causes…

Does it look like the money he collects “ALWAYS” goes to an authenticated cause? You tell me…

It certainly sounds to me like he’s just randomly rewarding people for helping to promote him. The only charity work being done here, is the work to build up this douchbag’s presence on Twitter.

But wait there’s more.

Much like Bill Pulte, he also pushes Cashapp which notoriously pays people kickbacks for people to do so, and he also pushes an app called “Earnin.”

Recently he guaranteed everyone that signed up for it would receive $20 cash!

Just download the app and get $20 cash? Ok!

Not quite.

You see, you didn’t just have to download the app…you had to attach all your personal information and bank accounts to it as well.

Because what he didn’t tell anyone…is that Earnin is one of those predatory-type payday loan apps.

Why the fuck would anyone “tip” an app? I’ve never seen so many red flags in my life.

But Anthony’s followers aren’t exactly the most savvy with their finances, just think about the kind of people who spend all day trying to win $5 on Twitter from an already pretty shady account.

Geez bro, I’ve had a bank account since my first job at 16. Pull your shit together, man. Oh wait…that’s one of Pulte’s Breakfast Club Philanthropy “helpers” so of course he’s panhandling for himself on someone else’s post. They all do.

You also didn’t just have to link your account and have a job…you also had to borrow from them.

Oh? AND the person that referred you? So now you know what’s been in it for him. He gets a kickback.

Sure Jan. ??

But wait there’s more.

This douchebag also let a sweet lady give him money that was supposed to be for a flight to meet his grifter-in-chief Bill Pulte….but then kept the money and did more giveaways instead.

She gave $150 to a cancer patient (I’d love to know if they ever actually saw that money) and $300 for the trip he didn’t take for a project that didn’t happen.

Meet the douche duo grifting philanthropy team…heading to a town near you!

Oh wait, just kidding…

What? How does one “accidentally” tweet a promotion with a matching poster and everything?

Just be honest, two Twitter grifters trying pull off the same heist was never going to work.

If more people are getting scammed then getting help…it is not philanthropy. If you have to virtue signal over every $5 you give out…(THAT WAS DONATED BY SOMEONE ELSE)…then it is definitely not philanthropy. If the person who benefits the most from what they’re doing…is that person…it sure as shit is not philanthropy.

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