House Rep Leader Endorsed Candidate: Public Overwhelmingly Demands Another

screenshot because like many of these candidate’s constituents, I am blocked. Why, you ask? Because I dared to criticize his criminal past or ask him why won’t debate his opponent Mindy Robinson. You know who Dan Rodimer doesn’t block, though? The troll followers he has that lewdly, vulgarly, and sexually harass his female opponent over her past modeling career. One even went as far as to post porn of someone else and claim it was her. Nice fanbase you got there, I see why they get along with you. ??

You see, the candidate the head of the GOP is endorsing here is one of the most sketchy and unliked candidates in the state of Nevada. The only reason he was able to get this far was because the other “Republican” running was an anti-gun SF Lib who openly admits he wants to raise taxes. Apparently being the lesser of two evils only gets you as far until a better candidate comes along…..which one did and in turn the people legitimately love.

Ultimately, Kevin McCarthy’s endorsement of shady Dan Rodimer did not go over well, at all. The liberal in the race, Dan Schwartz is the one who exposed Rodimer for a past that includes:

• Arrested for assault

• Investigated for domestic dispute

• Sued for fraud

•Sued for forgery

• Arrested for assault a second time

• Sued for unpaid services

• Tax lien in Texas

• Sued a second time for unpaid services

• Arrested for assault a third time

• IRS tax lien

• Sued for material misrepresentation

• Sued for non-payment

• Admitted to battery


Rodimer’s answer to all this was to block anyone that asks about it on social media, and making a promo ad declaring he’s “never been convicted!” You don’t get convicted over civil suits, and he definitely plead down to at least one of the assaults because he had to do anger management and that whole song and dance. Rodimer might not have been technically “convicted” but these things still definitely happened, and there’s a lot of paperwork to prove it. Schwartz overspending on negative ad campaigns against Rodimer assured him a loss against the female Democrat incumbent even if he did make it through the primary somehow. CD3 has certainly become a shit show, but it’s saving grace is a popular political commentator, conservative activist, and (it certainly doesn’t hurt) former model and actress Mindy Robinson who jumped into the race during a discussion I had with her at CPac. She was livid that the district she lived in was throwing away the chance to flip a seat red and went after it.

So when the head of the Republican Party endorsed Rodimer over Robinson….Nevadans and patriots across the country got pissed, and I mean PISSED. Even celebrities and blue check conservatives got in on it. Enjoy: ?







Wow. You made it all the way to the bottom of this. ?? As you can see the people of southern Nevada are screaming to be represented by an authentic patriot who’s never wavered in her stances. I have personally witnessed Mindy Robinson’s activism to defend our constitutional rights against the tyranny of Governor Sisolak, I have stood by her at rallies and protests, the people have spoken….Mr. President Trump please endorse this candidate.

You can also donate to her campaign via PayPal (make sure to leave your info, address, and occupation for anything over $200 and business accounts are excluded) using the email