As reported in the HUFFPOST, Omarosa said about President Trump, “I believe that he wants to start a race war in this country.”


This kind of language does not help. If anyone wants a race war, it is the Left in this country. Since 2016, they have been telling everyone that Donald Trump is Hitler 2.0, Republicans are Nazi Lite, and red MAGA hats are the new brown-shirt or white hood. Then the Left loses the 2016 election, and it has the audacity to bemoan, “People are scared! People are really scared right now! Like, really really scared. How do we explain to our children how this monster could win? I’m so woke, I have friends who are Muslim; they’re asking me if they should flee the country!”

Really? Riots break out across the country and Leftists are calling for revolution, forming the resistance, and masturbating to fantasies of a violent coup. Gee, how could coordinated, unrelenting efforts to vilify a political figure and his supporters possibly fan the flames of panic?

Anyone think this is a Trump supporter?

Do Trump supporters burn things? Nope, that’s the Left.

You know how you can tell you’re NOT in a fascist dictatorship? If you feel safe tweeting like India Knight, then you are NOT in a fascist dictatorship.

Hey, Monisha! Can you name two fascist countries where people like you would dare to make the same tweets?

Hey, George, you’re a funny guy. If you want someone to take your politics seriously, maybe stop voting for the party that put you—personally—in an internment camp.

Remember when all of those conservative celebrities called for a military coup after Obama was elected? Me neither.


Isn’t it adorable how Sarah thinks the military would side with the Left? Nothing says loyalty to the Constitution like violently overthrowing the duly elected president.


Hey, Katy, you’re hot. Stick to that, and stop pretending you’re a revolutionary. You never had a chance of turning the Trumps into the Romanovs. Also, in a Russian- or French-style revolution *you* could be on the receiving end of mob justice cough-millionaire-cough.

The people most strongly against the Second Amendment are going to kill the President and all of his supporters… how? Christine, dude, why don’t *you* do it, hm? Is it because you’re an effeminate turd or because you don’t know a sniper rifle from a safety razor?

If you want to marvel at the Left, run a search on Christine W Chandler or Christina Weston Chandler or Christian Weston Chandler. He’s a bisexual trans “woman” who apparently prayed for Trump to die before 2017. To whom was he praying? RuPaul? Whatever, looks like it didn’t pan out.

If you want more, just run a google search on the key words: calls for assassination twitter. Leftism is a disease.

Look at this merciless Trump supporter viciously attacking the feet and fists of dindunuffins.

Here is another case of a blatantly racist Trump storm trooper callously bleeding on the knife of a precious mother’s angel. Don’t you just want to cradle these four darlings in your arms and tell them everything will be okay?

Speaking of race war, remember all of the nationwide news coverage the black-on-white torture, gang-rape, and murder got? Remember the nationwide riots that broke out? Remember all of the acts of reprisal? No? Me neither. If you don’t know who these people are, ask yourself why? Would you have heard about it if the races had been reversed?

The Left chooses to stoke the fires of hatred, to nurture race grievances, to fabricate fascist bogeymen, and to demonize everyone who is insufficiently Leftist.

What do I know? I’m Just a Gaibroh.