Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs Bill to Give Illegals Driver Licences

Instead of continuing with the lie that asking for ID to vote is “racist” (because it’s not.) Democrats are going to just give illegals drivers licenses so they can more easily commit voter fraud now.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (when he’s not pushing for late term abortion) has signed into law a bill that will give illegal aliens a valid driver’s license.

It’s interesting to note that apparently driving is a “right” to these lefties, but owning guns is just a “privilege” despite the fact that only one of those things is protected by the constitution.

This is yet another attempt by the Left to rig elections and circumvent the votes of honest conservatives and Middle America. It reeks of being unconstitutional, although the state’s attorney general has already decried that this bullsh*t will somehow stand up in court.

The state of California has already snuck in another form of legalized voter fraud if you didn’t know called “ballot harvesting.” Which is when Democrats send people around collecting only the ballots that vote blue (toss the others out, or refuse to take them in the first place) and then just “hand” them in to be counted without a proper chain of accountability.

On top of the movement for politicians trying to “give” their state’s electoral votes away to whoever wins the popular vote (in other words, whoever New York and California vote for) we’ve got serious issues with voter integrity in this country.

I honestly don’t think the Dems are going to make the mistake of not cheating enough this time around. The economy’s booming, Trump is doing most of the things he promised (hindered only by an unwilling, useless Congress.)

The DNC is definitely preparing to double down on the voter fraud in 2020.

Their motto should just be “Can’t win….just move the goal posts!” at this point.

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  1. I hope Cuomo plans on taking personal responsibility for those illegal aliens driving without insurance. And you KNOW they are driving uninsured. I just bought a house in PA. Leaving NY ASAP. And I will ALWAYS call the Tappan Zee bridge just that.

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