Google Exec Caught Manipulating Election With Anti-Trump Algorithms

It seems like we get examples of Big Tech political bias on a near-weekly basis these days, but this week’s example (courtesy of Project Veritas) really takes the cake: an insanely arrogant Google bigwig’s videoed admission that the company’s objective for 2020 is to take advantage of their domination of the information space to prevent another “Trump Situation,” aka ensure a Democratic President wins the next election without fail this time.

Meet Jen Gennai, Google’s head of “Responsible” Innovation:

I’d love to share more of Jen’s social media posts, unfortunately when the Project Veritas video broke she immediately went into DFE (delete fucking everything) mode:

I think it’s fair to wonder what someone defines as “responsible” in cases where their job title necessarily implies they make related value judgments, and the Project Veritas tapes pretty explicitly demonstrate that Jen’s definition includes “stopping Donald Trump’s re-election and crushing the populist wave by any means possible.” Which is exceptionally alarming when you consider she is a major player at tech company with the influence to do exactly that.

The video is informative and worth watching in its entirety, but let’s look at some highlights:

She makes it pretty clear here that if you voted for President Trump, you are at odds with Google’s values and you and your interests are not something she is concerned about.

Now to be clear I don’t expect people at tech companies to not have their own opinions that may be at odds with mine, but I certainly do desire that someone in a position that can influence our political process at least maintain some pretense of objectivity; unfortunately she doesn’t even bother to try:

A different outcome? It was a binary choice, either Trump won or…oh. That’s what she meant.

To put the cherry on top, Jen’s not a natural-born American:

Now I don’t know her citizenship status, and there’s nothing wrong with a naturalized citizen voting in our elections. But, there’s a yawning chasm between that and someone raised in a foreign culture feeling entitled to blatantly interfere in our elections (to a level Russia could only dream of) by manipulating the information millions of Americans use in the process of casting their vote, which is practically inevitable given that 71% of tech workers are foreign-born.

This is very simple: Our tech industry is dominated by foreigners, and they’re admitting they plan to go all-out in 2020 to meddle in our elections to whatever extent necessary to give them they outcome they desire: a Democratic electoral sweep, and installation of a permanent globalist oligarchy. They have to be stopped, before we find ourselves marooned in a techno-feudalist hellhole.

UPDATE: The Left has gone into overtime with damage control and YouTube has “pulled” the incriminating video.

The plot thickens.

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