Gillette Attacks Men, Gets Caught Deleting YouTube Comments

Well it looks like Proctor & Gamble is purposely trying to bankrupt their Gillette brand. And they did it the fastest way possible known to mankind: Initiating the tried and true tactic of becoming woke. Gillette decided that it was time to address “toxic masculinity” and released a commercial packed with more cringe than an Antifa rally. How they crammed this much cringe into one commercial is unknown and absolutely amazing. It was so efficient that the downvotes flew in and rapidly eclipsed the upvotes.  We are hitting a level of woke not previously thought possible.  Comments from angry viewers started piling up and Gillette decided the best thing to do would be to implement the GhostBusters strategy of deleting comments. That worked stunningly well for Sony and the film went on to be an instant classic. Or it probably tanked. It’s so hard to keep track of all this massive manipulation in the world of corporate “social justice”. Ready to have your balls blown off? Because that was Gillette’s intention.

That’s right guys, you’re basically a problem. To solve it, you just need to be, well, not men. I hope you understand. We have a pretty tight agenda here and “The Future is Female” after all (make sure to get a shirt). If you haven’t noticed, society needs you neutered A.S.A.P.

It is confusing though. The public response is currently 583,000 downvotes with only 221,000 people liking it enough to get the thumbs up. And almost immediately we see the Sony strategy kick in. Time to start deleting comments!

I was sent one screen grab (below). And I took to the internet to see if this could be confirmed or if anyone else had thought they might have had their comment deleted. And its prevalent. I asked 4 people who were pretty riled up over it, and they were able to confirm their comments were not appearing. The screen shot below shows a user responding to the deletion. Most users wont stick around to verify their comment wasn’t deleted. And why would they? After all, this is not a Flat Earth channel with 11 subscribers. These are not Antifa basement dwellers with a webcam. These are corporate Antifa. Big difference. No tent city rape. Their sexual assaults are done by people in business attire and are handled quietly by other people in business attire.  You know, like here, here, here, and even their staffing agency here. All Proctor & Gamble sexual assault suits. And that’s less than half of the first page of Google.

So Gillette is deleting top comments. Who thought this would be a good idea? It’s never benefited any company that has attempted this. Its akin to covering up a scandal. It just makes people more livid and destroys your image further. If Gillette wants to emasculate 50% of the population they better be brave enough to take criticism from a small fraction of them! But like good corporate Antifa, they want to control the message through deceit. I’m willing to bet a limb that those fuckers outsourced a South-Asian company to leave positive comments and upvote this. We don’t have enough fragile men, radical feminists, and brain-dead socialists to garner 200,000+ upvotes. If we do, who are they? I travel…a lot. You know what I see? Love and appreciation even when it needs to said in hushed tones. And  if we had this population then why isn’t every trashcan in America attacked hourly? Speaking of trashcans, it seems that many former customers of Gillette are finding a new home for their razors.

Even Piers Morgan is bent and he’s the epitome of a sniveling corporate Antifa trashcan-slayer. Seriously, how many tweets did he have on this? He’s going to shitpost his way into being pro-Brexit if he doesn’t calm down and get back to being the anti-gun communist we all know and hate. Disregard, he’s just pushing his opinion piece on Daily Mail and riding a trending hashtag.

Let’s recap shall we?

Gillette thinks:

“Hey, sexual assault exists. We know this because we get accused of it all the time. Maybe the right answer is to emasculate all men. We should probably make sure to demonize every archetype. Let’s throw the normal dad in there. Let’s also try to get an executive in there, we know all about that! And if we get any blow-back online we could basically enslave people in the 3rd world and have them try to manage our image online. Sounds solid. What could go wrong?”

Not much to be honest. Seems like the reaction and the results are perfectly in line with what we would all expect. Get woke, go broke.