Gays For Trump Receive Threats From Antifa

The conservative group LGBTrump has been receiving harassing messages and serious threats from Antifa members upset for no other reason than the fact they exist.

And just in case you were confused about what they meant…they also sent this.

And this….

And this…

The founder of LGBTrump, Mark Hutt had previously made headlines when the organization was originally denied to march in the Rochester Pride parade…but upon hearing about that refusal John Hugo from @SuperHappyFunA exclusively invited the group to be apart of his event, the Boston’s Straight Pride Parade. Despite what the Left would like to have you think, there’s clearly no homophobia involved in a straight pride parade…in fact, they’re obviously more accepting than the other event was pretending to be.

They are currently fundraising for travel to the event, if you’d like to show support click here.

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