Gay Penguins Raise Gay Penguins: Aquarium Stumped

So I came across this story the other day in the Daily Mail.

Now before you start some letter writing campaign let me explain, my problem is not that they’re gay….my problem is that they’re MF penguins.

They took an egg from a female that had successfully bred….and gave it to two that don’t.

Hmmmm. What could possibly be the repercussions for doing that you think?

Oh yea, now you have a bunch of penguins that won’t breed on their own accord, because they never learned to find a mate of the opposite sex. I hope these things weren’t on the endangered species list, just saying. ??‍♀️

Judging by the painted rainbow rock photo op, this was done because supporting gay penguins is “woke AF.”

Look, they’re animals. All they do is eat, shit, and fuck. If they don’t want to breed, than fine. But don’t have them raising young taken from normal breeding parents unless you absolutely have to, you’re just messing with the species at that point.

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