Fake Conservative Jack Burkman Caught Sending Sexual Texts About Young Boy

Jack Burkman is your typical wannabe MAGA grifter.

He’s already been in trouble on multiple fronts including spreading false conspiracy theories and bribing women to lie about sexual assault claims to ruin political campaigns…but now he seems to be in some serious shit.

When political commenter and former Playboy model Robbin Young called out fake “Twitter Philanthropist Bill Pulte recently out for fraud (you can read about that…here) she was met with this ominous message in her inbox from Jack Burkman himself.

The fact he considers a guy that’s very provably lied and screwed over honest Americans as having “unimpeachable character” already says a lot about his “integrity.”

The problem is, if you’re going to make low key threats to someone to back off….you should probably make sure you never sent them sexually explicit text messages about wanting to have a group sex with underage boys.

Oh yea, that happened.

No one that’s not a pedophile thinks that’s “hot” you fucking piece of shit.

There are even more vile text messages of similar content that have not yet been released. Sounds like someone needs a knock on their door from the FBI though.