Facebook’s New Censorship Targets Conservative Followers Instead of Commentators

I’ve been through my share of bans and restrictions on FB, I’ve been kicked off about 9 times and it’s always some bullshit reason. I criticized Antifa, I criticized Islamic terrorists, I posted hate mail a liberal sent me, I even got a ban once just for writing “just saying.”

But everytime FB wrongfully kicks off a vocal conservative we usually come back stronger…outing and shouting about the unfair biased censorship from the rooftops as we go.

So what’s a leftist-run site to do?

Simple, they’re going after the followers instead.

Now I’ve heard complaints of people getting dinged for sharing memes I posted for awhile, but it’s hard to prove unless they remember to take a screenshot at the time.

Well, it’s official now…

Notice I didn’t get in trouble for the meme, but the person who shared the link did.

Because I’d have gone on the hella defensive against these fascist commies for banning me for an anti-terrorist meme of all things.

So they hit me where they could hurt me…they went after the loyal patriots on my page and punished them instead. They had to find me on another platform to even tell me, so who knows how many times that’s already happened.

That meme is not “hate speech” unless your a terrorist-sympathizing douchebag like brother loving Ilhan Omar.

We live in a world where Trump asking the Ukraine about Biden’s corruption is considered”election tampering” by the Left. But the Dems can illegally spy on Trump using a fake dossier, control the media and search engines to favor all their bullshit narratives, and then censor the literal everliving Christ out of conservatives online everywhere.

When is enough, going to be enough?

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