Facebook Demonetizes Conservatives For Having Opinions


I’ve worked very hard with help on my Patriotic Facebook page, building up numbers and engagements over the years….

Reaching over 5 million people in a month despite the endless shadowbanning, and automatic “unliking” of my page by Facebook fascists isn’t easy, but I believe fighting fake news and spreading my message is worth it.

Now my page has been completely demonetized and you won’t believe the reason.

“Violated community standards?” Oh, I can’t wait to find out how I did that this time.

Surely it can’t beat my previous Facebook bans for disavowing Antifa, critiquing Shariah Law, speaking out against Islamic terrorism, posting threats a liberal had sent me….and my current 30 day ban….for speaking out AGAINST the anti-Semitic remarks of a terrorist supporting congresswoman. I’m not kidding either….


But I digress, it’s hard enough running a conservative, Patriotic page on social media these days, but the biased censorship has become beyond suffocating and bearable.

I’ve watched my fellow peers get blocked, banned, their pages unpublished, their content forcibly removed….there are even conservative pundits that have literally been deplatformed into oblivion.

There’s a long list of people like Roger Stone, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, as well as media sites like Occupy Democrats Logic, Garbage Human, I, Hypocrite, Turtleboy Sports that face nothing but constant de-platforming.

But it got even better this week, as Facebook has decided to completely demonetize my page….and why? Let’s see what they said….

Huh? You’re telling me you’re not allowed to monetize content that discusses “debated social issues?” That’s literally everything on Facebook that isn’t a cat video.

Or do they really mean, that Facebook doesn’t like it when views that oppose their leftist false narrative are expressed on their platform…I’m kidding, that’s rhetorical….we all know the answer to that.

When is something going to be done about this? You’ve got this immoral leftist platform forcibly pushing its agenda to the masses though newsfeed manipulation, shadowbanning of conservatives, permanent banning of anyone they find a threat, and they’re making money selling our info to advertisers on top of it.

I get that it’s a private company and they can create whatever terms of service they want….but if they don’t apply those rules to everyone equally across the board, then is it not a blatant form of discrimination?

Mindy Robinson is a conservative actress out of Hollywood, that currently hosts the show “Red, White, and F You: Unapologetically Patriotic”


Twitter/Instagram @iHeartMindy