Facebook Blocks Law & Order Clip That Mirrors Trump Accuser’s Story

Trump’s latest accuser wasn’t vetted very well by the Left at all. Between the already pretty dodgy story, the “Rape is sexy” comment on Anderson Cooper, along with the fact her favorite show despite supposedly being raped by Trump is “The Apprentice….to say E. Jean Carroll has credibility issues is an understatement.

That’s real, I checked it myself. Totally normal, amirite?

But it gets worse….

I tweeted out a video clip of an old “Law and Order: SVU” whose plot line matches word for word Carroll’s rape story. Everything from the location, the store, and the city….

It quickly went viral, but that wasn’t the problem….as soon as it did, Facebook started actively blocking people from seeing it.

No proof this clip is an old Law and Order episode? THAT’S the best you’ve got?

It wasn’t an accident either….

Keep in mind….the video isn’t “fake” it’s very real….it’s the fact that it matches Trump’s accuser’s story that Zuckerberg has a problem with it.

Leftist media tried explaining it away, saying that the episode aired in 2012 and the series often rips stories “straight from the headlines” except that it wasn’t headlines until this week.

It’s not the first time Facebook has blocked news that was real, but went against the Left’s narrative. My page was personally hit for being “fake news” over posting a REAL news clip of a man of the roof of Notre Dame as it was on fire.

Facebook’s problem wasn’t that the video wasn’t real, it was….but that people were commenting that it looked like a man in Iman garb and not a fireman. Facebook banned the video in its entirety over that.

When will enough be enough

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  1. How does Fecesbook stay in business? They make money by selling ads.
    Why do advertisers give Fecesbook money to run their ads? Fecesbook tells them, “Look at all the people on Fecesbook. You can’t miss!”

    Look up “network effect”. Every time you publish anything (anything!) you are contributing to Zuck.

    Delete your account -you have to work at it, they will make it hard because they want to cite those wonderful numbers to advertisers,so just clicking “delete” doesn’t work, they keep your account on the rolls.

    As an aside, in this, Fecesbook is a lot like the politicians who oppose the “citizenship” question on the census. More bodies, legal or not, means more federal money into the district.

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