Do Leftist Propaganda Media Tactics Actually Work?

So many Democrats, progressives, and liberals have lost their minds so completely that they are approaching dangerous territory. Their rhetoric is having the desired effect, but it may have results they won’t like.

At least since Reagan, Democrats have demonized their opposition. It wasn’t enough to say, “I disagree with your priorities and approach to problem solving.” No, they felt the need to declare their opposition as incompetent and, more importantly, evil.

Their Ministry of Propaganda fed the masses a buffet of criticism, derision, innuendo, accusations, scares, and panics. Look at President Reagan (1981-1989). Anyone at ABC, CBS, and NBC, the majority of newspapers, and a sizable majority of academia would tell you their “truth” with utter conviction. There was no internet back then, but there was virtually no conservative media either. What did they say?

“Republicans hate poor people! The President hasn’t done enough about homelessness!”

What was he supposed to do? Outlaw being mentally ill, alcoholic, or drug addicted? Aren’t those are the leading causes of homelessness? Homelessness-homelessness-homelessness. Sound familiar? Stories about the plight of the homeless were everywhere until Bill Clinton got elected. I don’t mean until Clinton implemented some policy, I mean until he got elected.  Then, POOF, homelessness was magically no longer a crisis that needed daily reporting.

“Republicans hate gay people! The President hasn’t done enough about AIDS!”

What was he supposed to do? Outlaw the unsafe sharing of needles between drug addicts? Outlaw unprotected promiscuity? I have sympathy for people suffering from a disease, but (1) there was no miracle cure (2) barring a few extremely rare cases, you either had to be into some stupid behaviors or you had to sharing needles or fluids with someone who was, and (3) it’s not the President’s job to save you from yourself! Guess what was mysteriously no longer a crisis worth reporting when Bill Clinton got elected? You guessed it.

“Republicans are bad for the economy! The President doesn’t know anything about economics!”

The same types of people that knew Trump was *never* going to be President mocked what they described as Reaganomics, except Reaganomics worked. It pulled the U.S. out of President Carter’s economy. The Democrats will croon about Clinton’s economy, but they fail to admit that the legislation was authored by Republicans (with a veto-proof majority) and they fail to note that the types of accounting required to produce the “surplus” would probably get businessmen put in prison.

“Republicans hate peace! The President is steering us into world-ending nuclear war with the Soviet Union!”

Isn’t it funny? When President Kennedy stood up to Russia, *that* was Presidential.  When President-wannabe Hillary talked tough about Russia, *that* was Presidential, despite all of the cash that flowed into the Clinton Foundation (cough-corruption-cough). But when President Reagan’s policies lead to the Berlin Wall coming down and the Soviet Union collapsing—without firing a shot—that was reckless!

By the way, here is the electoral map of Reagan’s victory in 1984.

Wait a second! That’s the map for President *Nixon*, a different President, also hated by the Left despite his ability to establish diplomatic relations with a hostile Asian regime. Look at all that red!

Ah! *Here* is the map of the election that made Reagan President.

Wow! That one was a slaughter too! Ouch! Remember, the Left HATED Reagan. The elitists thought, and still think, Reagan was a poor President who cared only about the rich.

Well, what happened after the Left had 4 years to bash, critique, and malign good ole Uncle Ron?

BLAM! *Another* epic smackdown! Look at that! That’s a bone-crushing victory! As a side note, Minnesota, come on, guys! Get with the program.

Let’s fast forward to 2016, the year that *all* of the experts on *all* of the Lefty shows were prophesying the ascension of Hillary Clinton.

They said it was supposed to be a 98.2% chance for a Clinton victory. Ninety-eight-point-two! Just ask the totally non-partisan Huffington Post.

There was supposed to be *no* chance for Trump to win. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Virtually everyone in front of a camera said so.

They said that even if the states *leaning* Republican and *likely* Republican voted for Trump, *and* all of the toss-up states voted for Trump, *and* if Trump got that 1 Electoral College vote in Maine… he was STILL going to lose. Just ask Rachel Maddow.

I’m sure that wasn’t at all an attempt to demoralize conservative voters and get them to stay home, right? PfffffT!! Want to see how that panned out for the elites?

How about a 74-point lead for Trump! Boo-yeah!

All the queen’s horses and all the queen’s men (and women, and otherkin… whatever) couldn’t put Hillary in the White House again.

“But, but, but Hillary got more votes!” Well, have a look at the election broken down by county!

Who got more counties? Who got more states? More importantly… who got more Electoral College votes? Because *that’s* how we decide elections here! Some snowflakes try to console themselves by saying, “When snowflakes work together, they are an avalanche!” According to this map, it sure looks like, “The floor is lava!” When Trump won the election, celebrities tried to convince 37 of the Electors to vote for anyone other than Trump (this would put the election in the hands of the House of Representatives). It didn’t work.

What does this mean for Leftists? It means maybe they shouldn’t needlessly fan the flames of hate, panic, and fear while advocating harassment and violence.

When Obama was elected, he got a Nobel Prize for no action he ever took as President (he then went on to bomb a bunch of countries, which is a prime example of irony). When Trump was lawfully elected, riots broke out across the country. Why?

There was no executive order the Leftists could name, no presidential action, no proof of wrongdoing, but that didn’t matter.

Singers, actors, internet personalities, journalists, columnists, pundits, and politicians labeled Trump a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, ignorant, stupid, fascist, white supremacist.

The elites told everyone Trump that was going to deport citizens of color, ban birth control, destroy the economy, shred the Constitution, endorse hate crimes, enable bullying, and provoke nuclear war with North Korea while taking orders from Vladimir Putin. Yes, that was the message.

James Hodgkinson heard them. He took a rifle and tried to assassinate Republican congressman at a baseball game. He’s dead now. The Left didn’t learn its lesson.

It’s not just random whack-a-doodles either. Here are a few gems from U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district, Maxine Moore Waters:

“Already you have members of your cabinet that are being booed out of restaurants. We have protesters taking up at their house who are saying, ‘No peace, no sleep. No peace, no sleep.’

“And guess what, we are going to win this battle, because while you try and quote the Bible, Jeff Sessions and others, you really don’t know the Bible. God is on our side.

And so let’s stay the course. Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere!

Those were not hot mic moments, those were calculated and deliberate, and they were delivered to an enthusiastic crowd. Maybe, I dunno, maybe when an elected federal politician stands before a crowd, declares *divine approval* for, and calls to stay the course on, public harassment… maybe that smells like incitement, maybe even a fatwa? Maybe? Remember when the Right was accused of being religious zealots? Maybe you’re thinking that’s just one person caught up in the moment *one time*. Well, how about these?

U.S. Representative for Massachusetts’s 7th congressional district, Michael Capuano stated, “I’m proud to be here with people who understand that it’s more than just sending an email to get you going. Every once in a while you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.”

Bloody how, Senator? You mean like painting with your menstrual blood? Ohhhh, you mean get into bloody brawls. Wow. It should be weird to hear talk like that from a U.S. senator, but I guess it’s not.

Senator Tim Kaine (Deomcrat) said, “What we’ve got to do is fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box; and now there’s the momentum to be able to do this.”

Let’s be honest, Senator Kaine was probably speaking metaphorically. Senator Kaine’s son, Linwood “Woody” Michael Kaine, must not have gotten the message about it being a metaphor. He allegedly joined an anti-Trump riot in Minneapolis, Minnesota and faced charges of concealing his identity in public, obstructing legal process, and fleeing police on foot. He spent a whopping 4 days in jail, got probation for a year, and had to pay $236 in fines. Don’t you wish your daddy was a rich senator? Imagine how the media and other politicians would have reacted if father or son had been a Republican. Senator Kaine’s call to fight in the streets is actually pretty mild compared to other Leftists. Want some examples?

Representative Paul Kanjorski (Democrat) stated, “That Scott down there that’s running for governor of Florida. Instead of running for governor of Florida, they ought to have him and shoot him. Put him against the wall and shoot him.

Just so we’re clear, putting someone up against the wall and pulling the trigger is not a euphemism. It’s incitement.

A fund raising ad by the St. Petersburg Democratic Club stated, “…And then there’s Rumsfeld who said of Iraq ‘We have our good days and our bad days.’ We should put this S.O.B. up against a wall and say ‘This is one of our bad days’ and pull the trigger.”

Someone had to think that up, say it, record it in fixed form, approve it, and disseminate it. That was not an accident. That was not an oversight. It was honesty.

Representative Chuck Kruger (Democrat) stated, Cheney deserves same final end he gave Saddam. Hope there are cell cams.”

Saddam Hussein was executed—by hanging—for crimes against humanity. Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons on his own population and invaded Kuwait. By comparison, Dick Cheney was the Vice President under President George W. Bush. Do you see the level of hate coming from the left? We’re not done. Let’s see some more.

The communications chair of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County, Allan Brauer, directed this to Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter, “May your children all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases.”

Going after the politicians isn’t enough. Going after their staffers isn’t enough. Democrats go after your children.

Those are just the Leftists in politics. I could do a whole show about the people in media and entertainment. If anything, celebrities and media mutants are even more extreme! Then there are the pompous, polyamorous, pony-kin in colleges. Yikes, people, it’s not a contest…or at least it shouldn’t be.

It would be easy to look around you and think, the world has gone crazy around you. It would be easy to think things are hopeless. It’s all a lie, and the Left is hoping you fall for it. They make a lot of noise. They talk a lot of trash. They make a lot of threats. They commit a lot of violence.

People on the right have been patient. People on the right have put up with a lot of abuse. But people on the right are getting fed up. We are fighting back. We are beating them in the voting booth despite all of their propaganda and all of their dirty tricks. The Left are calling for harassment and even violence against politicians, their staffers, their children, their voters. That means you and me. They have Antifa, Redneck Revolt, the rainbow mobs, the Social Justice Warriors, the networks, and the social media giants. What do we have?

We have 400 million privately-owned firearms, billions of rounds of ammunition, and a kiloton of military, police, hunters, self-defense advocates, and recreational shooters.

*We* aren’t surrounded. They are.

Hey Leftists, when you decide to put us up against the wall and shoot us: Say when!


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