Democrat Rep Claims Man Hurled Trump-Like Insults at Her; There’s One Big Problem

The minority vice chair, and Democrat from Georgia made quite the wild claim on her Twitter.

Erica Thomas claimed she was in the express lane (with too many items) when a white man verbally assaulted her.

It was immediately met with calls of “bullshit” from the right.

Of course her leftist followers were real quick to blame “Trump’s America” in true hysterical fashion.

Two big problems.

First off, we now know the guy’s name is Eric Sparkes. He claims he called her a bitch over her attitude, and that none of that other “Go back to where you came from” rhetoric is true.

And it gets better….he’s a raging anti-Trumper. ? Literally every post on his Facebook is anti-Trump!


Don’t expect any retractions from the people that believed her or were blaming Trump Supporters either. Trump’s America is so “racist” that the Left has to keep making up hate crimes for attentions.

Fake news gonna fake.

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