WATCH: Turns Out Pissing Off the Alt-Right is Just as Much Fun as Trolling the Left

So, I accidentally took a break from pissing liberals off this week, and somehow managed to piss off the alt-right. Although leftists declare pretty much anyone right of center as “alt-right” there’s actually a real world difference of course. I am a right winger, I am not “alt-right.” Alt-righter’s are just as unbearable as the regressive left….there’s just less of them.


If you follow me on Twitter you know two things matter to me. The first, breaking through the iron dome of propaganda pumped out by the leftist mainstream media. And second, asking questions when they need to be asked. And sometimes doing that really hurts some feelings. When the Comet Ping Pong fire happened recently a few of us were talking about the Pizzagate conspiracy. Coincidentally, we’ve been doing research lately on the topic. And some new faces were familiar. Adam Green, of “Know More News” and the “Goyim Defense League” looked really similar to the suspect caught on camera. So I did what most do, wondered out loud to get some input back from the public. And it turns out he is most likely not the suspect. Mission accomplished. We answered the question.

Of course when I suggest that he looks like the guy he turns into a sopping pathetic anti-Semitic piece of shit. Don’t worry, he snapped himself back together fast and immediately started his own fundraising. One look at his Youtube page and you can get an idea of what we’re dealing with here. Spoiler: Everything you don’t like in the world is done by “The Jews.” By the time this ended I was an Israeli Mossad secret agent and getting Nazi threats retweeted from a failed paranormal investigator turned YouTube conspiracy bro.

I think it’s actually hilarious, these people are just as racist and insane as the regressive left… and not that much different honestly, take a look.

I’m Catholic, not Jewish….but whatever, I’ll stick up for my hommies.

That’s Stormy Daniels not me, but whatever…great google image skills you got there, bro.

Throwing my own under he bus? Oh honey, this raging Jew hater isn’t one of my people, but thanks for the physical threat of violence.


Because it’s hilarious. Who wouldn’t want people to think they’re a secret spy, honestly. I’ll feed the trolls….

This one’s my favorite…

“Like tbeing white, blonde haired with a bear auto means that guy?”

HahahhHahh What the fuck?

But interestingly enough I was going through the replies to that tweet and I noticed something very creepy. Someone that looks very similar to Green left a reply. Weird right? The first thing that comes to mind is the true crime shows that document criminals leaving hints. Some wanting the attention and to get caught. I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the case here. Again, I’m asking a question.



First thing I did was ask some friends to take a look at it. What do we know? Well, we know he’s on the east coast. His first name was easily found. His previous Twitter account was suspended. We know that he was at least involved in GamerGate. And besides a Steam profile not too much is known. And after all the nonsense of Green and his “but the Jews” basement dwellers, it turns out we found another person that looks just like the suspect. Weird how that works right? It’s almost like asking questions to a large audience generates ideas and tips. Absolutely amazing.

And we did what anyone should do in this scenario. We passed the info we found along to the investigators, in this case the FBI (Which probably means shit these days anyway)

Below is a small sample of the first tweets and some of the fallout. Don’t worry, the “1488” stuff wasn’t enough so now they’re also making fake Mindy Robinson accounts. I’m flattered, really. In the course of a few days I became an Israeli agent and was importation enough to impersonate.

“Everyone I disagree with is a Zionist Agent!” Oh, ok….at least it’s a switch up from being a Russian bot.

So yes….Obviously I am secretly Mossad. That’s why I wanted to setup Adam Green. This was Retweeted by YouTuber Titus Frost. Nice “1488” shirt loser. And I know how to shoot too. It’s because we know creeps like you exist and are roaming free. And when anyone asks them whats up about the threat, they call that person an “alt-kike”.

And here come the phony accounts. At least they used good pictures. But sorry, there is only one of me on Twitter. And everyone on Twitter knows exactly where to find me.

So yea, I managed to piss off BOTH the regressive left as I always do….and now I’ve pissed off the alt-right. Gotta love getting called both a Nazi and a Zionist shill all in the same week. It’s almost as if the political extremes at both ends is full of ignorant, racist, assholes that can’t debate, understand, or converse about anything that goes against the dumb ass narrative stuck in their head.


  1. The Alt Right hasn’t been a thing since that Unite The Right scam of 2017.

    Disavowing The Alt Right back then and now is pure Virtue Signaling and seriously who are you trying to impress?

    The Alt Right aka The Alternative Rightwing Conservatives had everyone Hispanics, Gays, Blacks, etc. all proud Alt Righters. AND THE ONLY ONE BRAVE ENOUGH TO STAND UP AGAINST AND FIGHT Antifa.

    In 2020 we are going to need the Alt Right. Without them Antifa will rule the streets in the election year.

  2. I know your brother ‘T’ well and my family and yours are connected. I love reading your post. You prove beauty and brains compliment each other; especially when kicking ass. Keep it up.

  3. I’m confused about the alt-right thing. When it started it was basically Milo and Gavin. But then something happened and it was just milo and his followers and then Milo did some weird rally dressed in drag and I stopped watching and following him. Now people talk about the alt-right and I don’t know who they’re talking about. I don’t even know what they espouse. AFAIK neither Gavin nor Milo are technically “alt-right”. I don’t even know who people are referring to when they say “alt-right”. According to the left and msm “alt-right” is a buzz word for everyone who they disagree with and is synonymous with “racist” and/or “bigot” and/or “misogynist”. According to neocons who are “left-light”, “alt-right” refers to anyone outside of the establishment. According to traditionals conservatives “alt-right” refers to actual comically racist people. And according to the actual self proclaimed “alt-right” adherents they only show up to meme when conspiracies are worth memeing.

    Surely I’m leaving some clarifications and distinctions out but I just don’t know who people are referring to when they say “alt-right” anymore.

    I like Gavin even if he makes me cringe when he puts it out there so bluntly. But I agree with him mostly. Maybe not in HOW he says certain things but I often catch myself saying, “Well, he’s not wrong.”

    Milo I could do without but when he’s serious he’s tolerable.

    I’m with Shapiro about 90-95%

    Crowder I watch daily.

    Sargon is interesting and will enjoy from time to time and I empathize with his mistreatment by social media.

    Jordan Peterson is awesome when he’s interviewed by msm and in debates. If we weren’t where we are socio-politically I’d likely write him off as to far left on certain issues but I enjoy his thoughts on the current climate.

    Computing Forever I enjoy.

    Mr. Reagan is good.

    Mark Dice I tolerate but my Dad can’t stand his voice because he shouts the news but he likes his street talk stuff as do I. His Brian Stelter bit is hilarious.

    I watch Hannity and listen to both him and Rush in the car when they’re on but I don’t go out of my way to listen or watch. Rush I’m more interested in but much of his material is behind a paywall. So I don’t get as much of it as I would like sometimes.

    I adore Greg Gutfeld. πŸ˜€ He’s my go to late night comedy relief act. I often literally LOL to a lot of his stuff. πŸ˜€

    Ann Coulter I don’t care for so much since she’s so damn inconsistent. Especially lately. I used to enjoy watching and reading all of her stuff. I sometimes wonder if she just lacks the patience for the game.

    I love what Jeanine Pirro says but her delivery comes off as fake outrage. I hope she stays on the air though. Her words are needed.

    Sarah H. Sanders is a hero in my family. I never thought I would be watching White House press briefings for entertainment but sure enough. She is my wife’s hero. πŸ˜€

    Stefan Molyneux has good commentary but a bit dry if you ask me. He’ll do in a pinch. πŸ™‚ I was an early watcher of his.

    Bill Mitchell gets a shout out for nailing the 2016 election predictions. But was a bit off on 2018 midterms. I’m a Mitchell part-timer.

    Allie B. Stuckey is a fave. I like her boldness in her faith. Rarely find disagreement with her commentary.

    Anyway that should give you an idea of where I get my news and opinions from. If that makes me “Alt-right” then okay. If not then, okay. I am what I am.

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