Controversial Red Flag Bill in Nevada Heads to Governor

Opposition to AB291 rally in Las Vegas tomorrow 11AM-2PM 555 E Washington Ave #5100, Las Vegas, NV 89101

A controversial gun control bill has spurred opposition in the state of Nevada. AB 291 is a public safety bill relating to the regulation of firearms. The bill was sponsored by Sandra Juaregui of District 41. The original language of the bill banned the usage bump stocks, trigger modifications for disability, repealed state law protections allowing counties to make their own regulations and reduced the BAC requirement to be charged with intoxication while possessing a firearm. The bill has been met with overwhelming opposition. The Nevada legislative opinion website accumulated over 3,000 opinions against AB 291, while a mere 300 wrote to support the bill. During the process of the legislative session, Assemblywoman Juaregui removed the preemption repeal at the request of Everytown for Gun Safety and replaced the language with extreme risk protection orders, also known as “Red Flag Law.” Supporters say this is a necessary move to prevent gun violence, Opposition touts the bills new language as unconstitutional and characterized as removing due process from Nevada law concerning the confiscation of firearms. The “Red Flag” language was introduced less than 24 hours before the Senate Judiciary committee meeting, where State Senators had trouble understanding the bill in its entirety with such a short notice. The bill has since passed out of committee and passed through a party-line vote approval by Democratic representatives. As the bill heads to Governor Sisolak, local opposition is rallying two events to oppose the bill and encourage Governor Sisolak to veto the bill. The events will be held at the Grant Sawyer Building and at the Carson City Capitol Building at the same time. They are scheduled for 11a.m. on Saturday June 1st.

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