Congressional Candidate Sexually Slanders Female Opponent Using Phone Banks

Conservatives already have it rough on social media, facing censorship over the littlest of things while being brutally attacked without recourse by the Left. What makes this story different, is that this isn’t just a bunch of leftist trolls vulgarly sexually harassing female conservatives…it’s the supposedly Christian and “conservative” Republican candidate himself, failed WWE wrestler Dan Rodimer. The troubled candidate was already facing vicious attacks by another opponent in the race, Dan Swartz with a laundry list of fraud and physical assaults that ran endlessly in negative attacks in the mail and on TV.

Why did an already disgraced Republican feel the need to trash an opponent that wasn’t even attacking him? Because this particular female opponent, conservative activist and political commentator Mindy Robinson was quickly gaining momentum and support from Nevada Republican voters who were already fed up with their lack of honest conservative candidates.

Dan Rodimer is not above lying to the people of Nevada to get ahead in this race, that’s already been determined multiple times during this campaign. He’s big claim that he’s the “only” conservative candidate is as misleading as it is inaccurate. With a laundry list of crimes that pop up on his name search that include:

• Accused of assault

• Investigated for domestic violence

• Sued for fraud

• Sued for forgery

• Arrested for assault a second time

• Sued for unpaid services

• Tax lien in Texas

• Sued a second time for unpaid services

• Arrested for assault a third time

• IRS tax lien

• Sued for material misrepresentation

• Sued for non-payment

• Admitted to battery on the 3rd assault charge

• Driving on a suspended license

The morality of Rodimer’s character is beyond questionable. But for unknown reasons established GOP members kept endorsing him…and getting shot down in flames immediately by local Nevadans for doing so. When the head of the National GOP endorsed Rodimer, his post on Twitter was inundated with HUNDREDS of angry Nevada voters…as were ALL of Dan Rodimer’s unwarranted and undeserved endorsements.

Dan’s solution to this mess? Slut shame his female opponent on her looks by personally telling local GOP members that she was a “porn star” knowing full well that she isn’t, he just wanted to discredit her. When confronted by one prominent member who knew that wasn’t true, Rodimer excused it away, claiming he “didn’t really check.” But the truth is, people working for his campaign including his wife KNOW that it isn’t true…but STILL use it to propel his campaign by trying to hurt his opponent hurting Mindy Robinson.

This is a text message I received from Sarah Rodimer herself. Notice that she mentions she knows Patricia Messinger is lying…but that does not deter Dan Rodimer himself from spreading the smear for his own promotion.

I’m still trying to figure out what Sarah Rodimer meant by claiming it was “her universe” (compiled GOP data) that Mindy was using. Was Mindy given the wrong data on purpose? Also, if Rodimer’s camp knows that Schwartz is in the lead…why are they claiming that they are when Dan Rodimer was polling only 15% on his best day…and before the negative ads on him commenced.

If you’re wondering who Tricia is, she’s talking about Patricia Messinger. On 4/5/2020 I received a call from Tricia. I returned the call on 4/7. She was canvassing about activities reported by Mindy by Dan Rodimer’s campaign that Mindy had tweeted about. When I informed her that it wasn’t my place to tell Mindy what she could tweet, she informed me she knew she was a “porn star” over a picture that came out on Dan Schwartz campaign (there was none, I looked.) She informed that she couldn’t say anything bad about Rodimer’s campaign because his daughter was in the hospital. For what it’s worth, Mindy’s mother was in hospice at the time (and has unfortunately since passed) and I ended the call. At a later date, I blocked her Patricia’s number.

I’m not the only person Tricia told this lie to either to push Rodimer. Tricia had also told another prominent GOP member that “some porn star woke up one day and decided to run for Congress” she also mentioned that “this person” dated a wrestler…and in fact Mindy Robinson does date an actual wrestler (and not a fake WWE one like Rodimer) with 6 time UFC champion Hall of Famer, Randy Couture.

It wasn’t enough just to slander Mindy Robinson’s name across town though, they went as far as to have people from their campaign CALL VOTERS and slander her using GOP data base phone banks.

The number that called on May 30th does in fact indeed lead to a political phone bank. Want to guess who was running a big phone bank campaign that day?

On top of the blatant slander, Internet trolls from Rodimer’s camp have been vulgarly sexually harassing and slandering her throughout her campaign. Why do I think these trolls come from his campaign? Because #1 it stopped the day Mindy messaged another slanderer inside his camp with a lawsuit for it, and #2 Rodimer blocks EVERYONE that so much questions his criminal background or ask him to debate Mindy Robinson….except these vulgar trolls that were so conveniently serving his purpose.

Now maybe we can’t hold Rodimer responsible for the disgusting, slanderous trolls (unless the court ends up pulling IP addresses.) But I can hold him accountable for the fact members of his campaign are knowingly and actively slandering his female opponent out of pure hatred and jealousy, in an attempt to win a primary he doesn’t deserve to win.

Update: An article posted by Open Secrets revealed that Dan Rodimer is actively being pushed by an undisclosed super PAC using a loophole to hide the origin of the funds until AFTER the primary. There a lot wrong going on in the primary in CD3, and all I know is that Mindy Robinson disrupted something sinister when she became the dark horse people’s candidate for the district.