ChristChurch Mosque in New Zealand Previously Linked to Radical Islam

The ChristChurch Mosque in New Zealand that just recently suffered the loss of 49 of its members, had been previously accused of being a base for Radical Islam according to several New Zealand and Australian publications.

The story came to light in 2014, when an Australian Islamic convert named Christopher Havad was killed in a drone strike in Yemen.

In an interview with his parents, it was revealed that he had originally attended ChristChurch mosque but left due to indoctrination they were teaching about radical Islam.

Keep in mind, Christopher Havad was no angel. He was previously accused of kidnapping westerners for ransom and was in Yemen fighting on behalf of Islam. So if he thought ChristChurch Mosque was radicalizing people, than holy hell, that really says a lot.

Not going to lie, Christopher Havad or Muslim Bin John, as he liked to be called, totally deserved what he got. You want to kidnap civilians for ransom, then you deserve a drone strike landing on your head. I do not, nor will I ever understand the appeal of why anyone would convert and fight on behalf of some shithole foreign country….and don’t try to tell me Yemen isn’t a shithole country…it’s not like they’re selling time shares there.

So what does this actually mean? I don’t know, maybe nothing. But I do believe that it definitely deserves looking into.

So before you start some hate parade letter campaign, let me just say that I’m not saying that anyone deserved to die in the attack. Randomly killing civilians, especially ones of of all ages, is about the most cowardly and immoral piece of shit thing you can do, wartime or not.

But I do believe however, that this little bit of info  deserves looking into. Especially with the way the media tip-toes around everything Islam in fear of not being politically correct.

I’m worried that they’re going to bury it in fear of being “cold hearted” and “Islamaphobic” or whatever the hell the perpetually offended Left is prepared to throw at them.

So look into it New Zealand. The best way to prevent atrocities is to understand why they happen in the first place. Maybe you’ll get better answers than we’ll ever get over the fuck-upped investigation my own shady government did with Route 91, which I was invited to but couldn’t attend.

Stop protecting people’s feelings and political narratives, and start getting down to the truth.


  1. You are an idiot. You call yourself a journalist and the reason why the mosque is called ChristChurch evades you? You’re a fucking racist and a terrible actress and cunt. Your boyfriend will never marry you and you know it. You’re also almost 40 and will soon be unemployable even as a bimbo role. Give it up. Your dead racist dad must be SO proud of you.

  2. Tellin ya, it’s sounding more and more like an inside job to pass legislation to ban guns and criticism of Islam

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