CBS Caught Faking News Segment About “Right Wing Extremism”

The Left is so desperate to paint Trump’s America as “racist” that CBS went as far as to create an entire segment about right wing extremists and their “hate messages” being rampant online…using hate messages they created themselves.

In a half hour long segment posted on their YouTube channel to 2.6 million people, CBS explained how “right wing extremism” was rampant online.

The problem is the “proof” they decided to highlight and show….was actually written by whoever was there making the documentary as pointed out by people savvy to the fraud on Twitter.

The comment hasn’t been posted yet, you can tell because it’s still in the author’s box. We don’t know if it’s the “subject” they chose to highlight in the documentary writing all this as they pleasantly watched and recorded it, or CBS directly themselves. Either way, this “racist” content they recorded didn’t exist until they decided to do a segment on it.

And it wasn’t just one falsified comment…

That’s right. They wrote it themselves to show as “proof” of how “racist” right wingers are. Their mistake was taking the screenshots before they posted it. It’s the equivalent of sending a screen shot of a text you haven’t sent yet…you know the author is the person sending it and no one else.

Something like this…

It’s not that there aren’t legitimate racist things on the Internet they could have used…the problem is they almost always come from anonymous troll accounts from BOTH the Right and Left, and that doesn’t “help” their narrative.

Everyday I get something racist or sexist in my inbox…but they’re from “loving and tolerant” liberals so the news doesn’t care.

Don’t believe me? Here are some from this week alone:

That was just Twitter, there’s also this gem from FB…

Dare I say that those were way worse than anything CBS just tried manufactured to make “right wing extremists” sound bad?

(He doesn’t really work at that bar, so don’t call them to complain.)

When is enough enough? How many times do we have to catch the mainstream media faking a story to condemn Trump and his supporters over an election…they just can’t admit they were wrong about?

Trump should pull the press credentials of any network that gets caught peddling destructive and divisive fake news until they clean their act up and start reporting on FACTUAL NEWS. Until then, they belong on the shelves next to the National Enquirer with the rest of them.

Mindy Robinson is a political commentator currently running for Congress Nevada’s 3rd district.

Twitter/Instagram: @iheartmindy