Canada Passes Punishing Bill Against Responsible Gun Owners.

Bill C-71

On May 28, the Canadian senate approved the Liberal governments legislation villifying legal Canadian hunters, shooting sports enthusiasts, and firearms collectors, all in the name of helping to reduce gun crime. Strangely enough, for a bill which is allegedly purposed to help combat gang and gun violence, there is not 1 mention of the words “gang” or “organized crime” in the entire bill. The bill does mention “licence” over 30 times, showing the true intended targets of the legislation. Canadian gun owners are being used as a scapegoat by a Liberal government unable or unwilling to be tough on crime. Rather than target the gang members shooting up the GTA last summer, or the organized crime families responsible for the rash of murders across ontario and quebec in recent months, they have chosen to target those of us who take the courses, apply to the CFO(Chief Firearms Officer) office, wait on the whims of the bureaucracy, all to persue a sport we love, or put food on the table. How many gang members will be sure to notify the RCMP when they sell a pistol, or decide to put it in the car and go for a drive? A rhetorical question, of course. They aren’t the target of this legislation, the 2 million licensed firearms owners in Canada are.

Despite many petitions, hours of consultation, and many suggested ammendments, this bill was passed as presented by parliment. A memo presented by Senator Plett which was circulated among the Independent Senators Group spoke of the importance of showing up for the third reading, and voting as a block. This type of instruction tends to undermine the concept of independent senators, I would say.

This bill will force retailers to keep records for 20 years of sales, essentially reinstating the long gun registry. This bill will expand background checks from 5 years to life, meaning anything that the CFO would consider questionable, be it last week, or last century, can mean a denial of your licence, or even of renewal of your licence. This bill allows the RCMP total control over classification of firearms, with no parlimentary oversight. These are not elected officials, the people deciding what legal firearms owners can and cant do are appointed officials. This bill will require you to obtain an Authorization to Transport any time you move a restricted firearm. An ATT to go to the range, and then another ATT to take your malfunctioning firearm from the range to the gunsmith. How will these measures affect criminal and gang violence you ask? Thats a question millions of Canadians are asking.

Canada had very stringent gun laws until May 28, they have officially become oppressive. What can we do about this? Legally, not much at this point. This bill has passed the senate. It now awaits only royal assent, then it becomes law. About the best we can hope for is that those of us who enjoy the shooting sports get out and vote in October. Vote for who you ask? The party that best supports your views. I will follow the lead of the CCFR(Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights) and advise every voter to call your local MP, call the people who will be campaigning in your riding, and ask them where they stand on the rights of legal gun owners. Check the party websites and read their platforms. Our best chance at this point comes from a future government showing sense and repealing C-71. Vote accordingly.

For more information, visit the CCFR website:

A copy of the legislation can be found here: ies/421C71E

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    • We tried a government registry years ago. It was scrapped after costing billions of dollars (Canadian dollars, but still…) and having no effectiveness on crime. This collects exactly the same data but offloads the cost (and subsequent embarrassment) onto retailers. Fortunately, we have an election coming up in October and it looks like these clowns will get kicked to the curb.

  1. This bill is an affront to the inalienable right of self-defense. I’m sorry for all Canadians who have to endure this insanity.

  2. The biggest issue as I see it is that the national police force (RCMP) can now classify firearms according to their whim with no parliamentary oversight. Tomorrow, they could classify all handguns as Prohibited (effectively banning them and making their owners criminals subject to 10 years in prison) and no elected official could overturn that decision. By definition, that’s a police state and is NOT NOT NOT the Canada that I put on a uniform for.

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