Attention Preppers: FCC to Ban Best Ham Radio on the Market

Recent FCC ruling banning certain 2 way radios popular in the patriot community is causing some alarm and concerns of government over reach. In the center of this controversy is the inexpensive and popular Beofeng UV5R and its variants.

Still available on amazon for 23.85 shipped, dont let its small price tag decieve you about this radio’s capability or transmission range. In fact this radio has performed so well its regarded by many in the amatuer and ham communities as helping to revitalize interest in radio communications. So whats the problem you ask? Short answer; the radio is too good at what it does and too inexpensive. And to complicate the matter just a bit more, many of the Beofeng models do have FCC authorization and are legally imported, marketed , and sold here in the US. However many of the Beofeng variants are easily programmed or even changed with the press of a button or switch to operate outside of their FCC authorization. Which has naturally attracted a crack down after some complaints of interference on protected bands and frequencies

Some in the prepper and patriot community have raised alarm because they regard these devices as vital in case of wide spread natural disasters or civil unrest. In other words, if the Sh*t Hits the fan. Further these devices can be responsibly used in accordance with the law. Simply having a capability to misuse them doesn’t mean everybody will. Conversely, there are plenty of good reasons why rules are in place to protect certain bands and frequencies from interference and unauthorized use.

The ban is set to happen soon with the most reliable date available is Sept 30 2019. For clarity, radios with long range and programming options are not going to be banned only certain radios capable of operating outside of their FCC authorization.

The Beofeng UV5R and variants are still available on amazon and other outlets as low as 23.85

Note:This story was compiled as quickly as possible due to the urgency of the upcomming ban. Sources were referenced from the FCC and the Amatuer and Ham Radio community. However any technical corrections or criticism are welcome. As this is a developing story.

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