Antifa-Linked Journalist Caught Lying, Accelerates Massive Far Left Propaganda Campaign

Antifa-linked “Journalist” Jared Holt has been caught withholding the most pertinent information to his own story in order to push a smear.

Dr. Eion Lenihan, famous first for doing the satirical character “Progressive Dad”online , has been conducting research into extremism online and found that Antifa had a cozy relationship with journalists. He published his findings and was immediately banned from Twitter.

So when CJR “journalist” Jared Holt reached out to him, Lenihan demanded the questions and answers be in writing. Holt initially agreed (reluctantly) and later omitted them just to spin the story to follow the Antifa-created lie that Lenihan was actually an “Alt Right” figure. In reality, he’s an expert in the field dedicated to combating the radical ideologies. This includes both Antifa and the Alt Right. Furthermore, Holt can not write an objective piece on this topic. He is linked to the activity in question by the study.

I’ve had to read this Post Millennial piece 3 times. And it fully explains the magnitude of this situation. The level of the dishonesty, and shear underhanded approach, is fascistic at its core. A glorious back-firing for sure.

The Antifa activists online have begun their smear campaign to protect Holt further cementing Lenihan’s theory. Holt also reached out to the Claire Lehmann, editor of Quillette, with the starting premise that Lenihan’s data was wrong.

Naturally the editor’s first response was to ask what was incorrect. Holt refused to answer but demanded she accept his premise and comment on it. She correctly refused to comment; that was used by Antifa as a “gotcha” moment. How you ask? Because she was supposed to accept Holt’s claim of inaccurate data with no proof.

Lehmann published the emails and in the thread we can see Daily Beast writer Will Sommer sticking to the premise that the data is “bogus”. A claim they refuse to substantiate.

At this point the leftist media has gone into full damage control. The Daily Caller has been following the story and initially revealed Holt’s poor journalistic practices and published his original questions to Dr. Lenihan. Once it was all out in the open, the true censorious, agenda-driven fascists of the internet called for all hands on deck.

They are in the process now of trying to stop the peer review process from continuing. If Dr. Lenihan’s findings go through the process, and are accepted, there will contain a link between Antifa, targeted harassment and deplatforming, and “journalists”. They can not allow this to become part of the academic literature.

Would you like to see the propaganda campaign in full swing? Look at who is talking about Quillette, @’ing their editors, and watch these fascist accounts along with their followers and their interactions. You will see an inorganic campaign to censor develop in real time. I would advise not directly interacting as Twitter gives them the power to remove accounts even without a violation.

Antifa Karmatic (Hello Sunshine) – is named in Lenihan’s letter cited in the Daily Caller article (above). A repeatedly suspended user whom twitter gives precedence over his violation reports. He is close to a few journalists and they depend on him. A long list of his previous accounts can be found here.

And an archive of his current feed can be found here. (Picture below from that link)

AntiFashGordon – another twitter-protected account used to up the urgency of their activism: he takes credit for getting the leader of the Straight Pride Parade fired from his job. Supporting role in the lead to censor the findings of Dr. Lenihan’s study.

EmilyGorcenski – closely linked to Antifa Karmatic crew. And organizers to dox, harass, and ultimately deplatform anyone that is not hard left.

Elizabeth King – evading Twitter suspension but very dedicated to protecting this lie. Leading the charge to censor the data and research from Dr. Lenihan.

OpWolverines – claims to be a 19 year National Security expert but the way he conducts himself and processes data leans more towards a high school drop-out, Jason Bourne fan.

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  1. Excellent piece Mindy.
    Activists masquerading as Journalists have all but destroyed the credibility of mainstream Journalism.
    if journalism
    is to be saved in any meaningful way these people need to be called out every single time they act inappropriately,your work here goes some way towards framing this problem in a way that is accessible and undeniable, please continue to work and help others to expose this corruption before it’s too late.

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