Adopting White Animals Now Deemed “Racist” By Leftists Now

Leftists on Twitter are losing their minds over Ivanka Trump adopting a cute little dog because it is white. I shit you not.

Now, I don’t even know who that blue check is supposed to be, but she deleted her comment and blocked me as I was about to say something….

I didn’t even say anything yet, how did I and a bunch of other people get preemptively blocked?

Obviously I screenshot it right before and people are going to send me things. Apparently she decided that just retweeting someone else’s ridiculous tweet about it would be a safer bet.


Which allowed the TDS faux outrage train to continue to rumble….

Then there’s this….

Thinking a woman is racist because her dog is white, and then advocating violence on her because you don’t like her father is peak liberal hypocrisy 2019.

The Left is just weaponizing idiots at this point.

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