Pro-Lifer’s Guide to Debating Idiots Online About Abortion

Although people are all over the spectrum on the topic of abortion, the recent huge push by the left to increase late term abortions and now partial birth abortions, have even pro-choice people questioning the logic and morality of it all lately.

Being the right wing troll that I am, I often run into the same faulty arguments made up to defend it over and over.

Now, I can’t help you win an argument with an irrational moron, but I can help you debunk the following common excuses laid out by pro-abortionists spreading lies and propaganda, and then perpetuated by morons.

I’ve even included screenshots just in case you didn’t believe how stupid, hypocritical, and selfish people could actually be about the topic.

1. “What if a condom breaks, or preventative birth control fails! They should just be “forced” to have a baby?!”

Look, the entire point of intercourse is to breed…it’s what keeps us and all other species going. You can take preventative measures but yes, something could still happen. Luckily we live in a modern world where for about $40 you can take take Plan B which is an extra strong dose of birth control, that’s good up to 3 days after an accident. You shouldn’t get to kill your baby just because you couldn’t bother to make it to a Walgreens or free clinic in time.

2. “What if they can’t afford Plan B!”

Last I checked the $40 it was for Plan B was cheaper than the hundreds it costs for an abortion. The only reason Planned Parenthood pushes for the latter is because there’s more profit to be made on it….especially if it’s subsidized by donations from rich people wanting to help kill poor women’s babies. They also double dip and make money selling the baby parts for science, and don’t say they don’t…they’ve literally been caught on camera doing just that all over the place.

3. “What about rape!!! You’d force a woman to have a rapist’s baby?”

Most pro-lifers are willing to make an exception in this case, and even the strictest heartbeat bill still allows for a month and a half gestation to pass to do something about it.

It’s interesting to point out that the baby is also completely innocent of the situation. Nevertheless, rape victims should be immediately checked out anyway to receive Plan B…as well as anti-virals and other precautions and testing for her own safety and the safety of her future partners. Only 1.7% of abortions fall under this category, so to rest the whole pro-abortion argument solely on rape is very misleading.

4. “What about incest!!!”

Yea, about that…it’s even less uncommon than rape….and easily provable by DNA testing when it’s suspected. The problem is Planned Parenthood often protects cases of underage molestation and incest by not asking questions and ignoring men who keep bringing their underage daughters in for multiple abortions. They’d rather make repeat profit off that, than actually report it to CPS and help these abused young girls. Basically they’re killing the babies of incest for repeat business, and destroying the evidence of wrong doing by the fathers.

5. “Unwanted children end up abused and become violent criminals.”

Thanks for the heads up Nostradamus in predicting the future, you should hit up Vegas while you are at it. A lot of people were conceived by “accident” including me, and we turned out just fine. People who are abusive parents are pieces of shit and are always going to be pieces of shit. It doesn’t just happen because they got pregnant. I know a lot of good people that came from some really bad parents….they still deserved a chance to live, and are glad to be here all the same.

6. “Unwanted children are better off dead.”

Well that escalated quickly. My friends that were adopted however would beg to differ with you, bro. Last I checked, they were pretty siked to be alive and adopted into a loving home.

7. “Abortion is the exact same thing as a miscarriage.”

Except one is a tragic life event you can’t control, and the other is a conscious decision. No woman I have ever known, has referred to their miscarriage as an “abortion” as it implies there was any choice on her part.

8. “Abortion actually “saves” women’s lives.

Haha, yea…whose? Feminists in particular often forget that half of all the children aborted are female….they conveniently choose to ignore that fact, when arguing about women’s rights. Even clinical abortions are not without risks. Planned Parenthood wants you to think abortions are simple and safe….they really aren’t. Especially if you do plan to have a family later down the road.

9. “It’s just a clump of cells!”

I feel like they just pointed out how dumb that argument was for me. Yea no, exfoliating your skin is not the same as murder. My fingernail clippings aren’t going to grow into a sentient human being, no matter how long I leave them on the bathroom floor. ?

10. “It’s not a baby, it’s a zygote!”

It’s a “zygote” for 2 weeks, then there’s enough formation where it resembles a human embryo. Considering most women need to miss that first period in order to even know…it’s almost always an embryo that we’re talking about. Ever see a baby kangaroo? It’s a tiny embryo that literally crawls it’s way into a pouch to keep developing. Lord knows if I accidentally stepped on one of those, the Left would start a hate letter campaign. But human embryos the same size, nah.

11. “If it’s not viable outside the body than it doesn’t count as life!”

Except when it is. A fetus is viable after only 22 weeks (5 1/2 months) and that date keeps moving closer as technology advances. The cut off should keep being pushed closer as medical science advances, not later, like the left is trying now. Even people that are pro-choice often don’t understand why any woman would wait 5 months or longer to get one. It’s viable outside the womb a lot earlier than the 9 months staunch pro-abortionists proclaim.

12. “But animals abort their young all the time, it’s natural if the female is in a bad position to have it.”

Yea, animals sometimes lose a pregnancy due to natural stresses or periods of malnutrition….animals don’t call up Planned Parenthood and pay someone to rip it out. Normally, they’ll fight like hell to protect their young….not rip it out because they’re afraid of stretch marks and gaining weight. Sometimes animals like rabbits and hamsters panic and eat their own young too……does that make it right or “natural” and ok? What’s your point, seriously.

13. “It’s none of your business! End of story!”

Great “argument” there, bub. So…..crimes don’t count unless it happens to me personally? The entirety of civilized society would beg to differ though. Sociopath.

14. “Women should have control over their bodies.”

Fist off, if you want “control” than take “control” and use preventative measures. Secondly, it’s not just the woman’s body….it’s the baby’s body too. That’s why people like me have a hard time just ignoring the grotesque murder going on, under the masquerade of calling it “choice.” There’s certainly no choice for the innocent baby in all that.

15. “Guns kill children! Why don’t you care about that instead!”

Because guns also save lives and prevent crime. Abortion ALWAYS ends in death. Was I not supposed to notice the deflection you laid out there instead of just debating the topic?

16. “But what if abortion is needed to save the woman’s life!”

That was always legal, even before Roe v. Wade. No one’s saying let her die, it’s always been a decision made between a woman and her doctor. Late term complications result in induced labor not abortion to save the mother’s life. Unless the baby was dying or already dead then it would involve removal….not the murder of the already deceased child.

17. “If a baby can’t survive on its own, than it doesn’t count as life!”

Sadly we’re not just arguing about viability outside the womb, but we have to argue about late term and abortion surviving infants now. No baby can survive on it’s own, it’s a fucking baby. By that definition every woman has a right to throw their young children out the window seeing as they “can’t survive without them anyway.” Do you not honestly see the horror in this?

18. “If you’re against abortion…then how many kids have you adopted?”

Huh? Is that really the argument here? “You better take care of my baby or I’ll kill it?” We have measures in place already so yea, it’ll get taken care of by either charity or my tax dollars. That doesn’t change how stupid that argument is or how often I hear it.

19. “You can’t be for the death penalty, and be against abortion.”

Oh yes I can. There’s one huge, glaring difference there, lady….

It’s amazing how the left defends illegals, murderers and terrorists more than they do innocent, unborn babies.

20. “Why are you so against it? It’s the same thing as getting your period every month!”

WTF, lady? I’m the one that needs to read a biology book? It’s just half a DNA code until an egg is fertilized, did no one have “the talk” with you?

21. “You want the government to take away your freedom! Isn’t that what you claim to be for?!”

Yes, I believe in freedom. But our rights end where someone else’s begins. You want to tattoo a dick on your head, cut your ears off, and split your tongue down the middle, then whatever. It’s when you try to forcibly do it to your kid or anyone else, then I’m going to have a problem with it.

22. “But if abortions are restricted, then women will die in back allies!!!”

Ultimately, you can never really stop a pregnant woman from throwing herself down the stairs, or shooting junk in her veins…..but it doesn’t mean we have to be the ones to HELP her harm or kill her baby….and I DEFINITELY don’t need to be paying for it.

23. “You’re only pro-life because you’re a racist bigot!”

Huh? Is that an actual argument?

Ok….Planned Parenthood was actually founded in eugenics so you know, because Margaret Sanger wanted to cut down on the number of black babies that were born. But yea…pro-lifers are “bigots” even though we’re fighting to save ALL babies. Plus, that sign is stupid as hell.

24. “Well if I’m going to be forced to be responsible for my baby, then you have to take care of it!”

First off, my taxes already go toward taking care of lower income families with children, between all the welfare, WIC, food stamps, government housing, etc.

Secondly, you lazy god damn ho. Try being an adult and take advantage of all that free preventative birth control my taxes also go towards subsidizing for you.

25. “A woman having an abortion, is the same as her wanting any other type of operation. It’s healthcare.”

Huh? Unless they’re killing people and harvesting organs on the black market, than no….abortion is not “on par” with any other operation.

26. “But if we don’t give poor, homeless women abortions, then I’ll have to pay for the baby with my taxes.

While older children can be harder to place, there’s a long list of people willing to adopt babies. Ask anyone in the process how hard it can be, and it explains why so many just adopt babies overseas where it’s easier and there are more.

This broad however just assumes the kid’s going to be a criminal because of the birth mother, and would rather kill it than risk spending any of her tax money on it. Nice priorities there, lady. ??

27. “It’s all men’s fault we get pregnant anyway.”

Um, are you serious? It’s amazing how feminists are all about “equality” until it comes down to sharing responsibility. If it’s really “your body your choice” then make the choice to make him put a condom on, at the least.

28. “Don’t want an abortion, then don’t have an abortion.”

“Don’t like murder, than don’t commit murder.” You see how stupid that sounds? End of the day, I’m going to raise an issue with anyone that kills another human.

29. “Men need to assume responsibility if they want a say in abortion.”

What kind of sharing of risk we talking about here? Certainly not financial, see how women have no problem making sure a man pays the next 18 years for a child you believe he has no say in having.

30. “All babies are better off dead, than living in this cruel, cruel world anyway.”

Oh ok, so you’re insane?

Yea, I don’t think I even have to debunk this one. If the world is that bad, why doesn’t this guy just kill himself? Oh that’s right, because it’s not.

Honestly…who I think are the biggest hypocrites of all, are the vegan pro-abortionists like Miley Cyrus.

Eating an unfertilized chicken egg is “cruel” but cutting up unborn babies is “ok?” Get the fuck out of here.

Look, I don’t know what’s going on in this country right now. Instead of rolling back how late you can have an abortion because of advances in technology the Left is pushing it for even later. Even pro-choice people are having a hard time trying to figure out what scag of a female waits 9 months to have an abortion. They are questioning the arguments for it and are finally seeing all the holes. I fear the only reason the Left is pushing for it is that Planned Parenthood is a lobbying monster.

Why do they “need” donations and money from the government to supposedly keep their doors open….just to turn around and pay off politicians by the MILLIONS. I swear they’re pushing for late term abortions only because the organs they sell will be older, bigger, and worth more to “science” or whoever the hell they’re selling it to.

You can’t convert people by screaming at them, quoting the Lord, or calling them baby killers. You have to debate and educate them. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and pro-lifers face an uphill battle on liberal social media outlets as it is…I know, I’m one of them.

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