30 Dead, 40 Injured in “Religion of Peace” Attack in Nigeria

30 people are dead and 40 more are injured, in a triple suicide bomber attack in Konduga, Nigeria. (June 17, 2019) The devices detonated outside a hall where people had gathered to watch a football match.

Boko Haram terrorists, who have already claimed the lives of 27,000 innocent civilians in the area seem to be behind the planned attack.

They seem nice.

What I find more interesting, is that despite being a militant Islamic terrorist group that uses guerrilla tactics to murder civilians for political purposes….no news outlet that I can find, will call it what it is…..Islamic terrorism.

I’m really, really tired of living in a world where I am not allowed to critique a shitty ideology that would cut my head off with glee.

Fuck your Shariah Law. I will continue to report on these stories and bring the violence of Islamic terrorism to light. Leftist controlled narrative media be damned.


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